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5-Step Email Sequence for Hosting a Podcast Guest

Having a guest on your podcast is a great way to mix up your content and give your audience another perspective on a specific topic. It is also helpful for bringing on experts who can provide greater insight and in-depth knowledge to your audience, really honing in on their area of expertise. However, as podcasters, our schedules can become quite busy! So to make booking guest interviews a bit easier, we’ve created this 5-Step Email Sequence to help you streamline the process.

Each step has a PDF download where you can simply populate the email template with your own details, and the details of your guest, and send it off to them. Having these steps in place will also help you to keep track of open invitations and remind you to follow up with those potential guests who have yet to respond. If everything goes according to plan, you will have your guest interview booked in a matter of 5 simple steps!

1. The Invitation

Reaching out to potential guests can be a daunting task! Using our template will give you a guideline of how to invite them on the show in a unique and creative way. Your Guest will probably get more than a few invitations on a daily basis, so it is important to make sure that you stand out from the “email crowd”.

The best way to do that is to provide potential guests with reasons why it would be beneficial for them to be on your show, which might help put the odds in your favor. So before you send off that email, make sure to do your research and find out why they would be a good fit for your show and how it can be in their best interest to share their knowledge and experience with your audience.

2. The Follow-Up

When sending out emails there is always the possibility that you may not get a response. If potential guests do not respond within a few days, go ahead and check in with them again with a follow-up email. Provide them with a reminder of your previous email if by chance it was missed or flagged as spam and sent to their junk folder by accident.

Using a follow-up email is also a great way to let them know that they can ask you any questions they might have. There is no need for this email to be too long; a short insightful sentence will be more than enough!

3. The Preparation

After you and your guest have finalized most of the important arrangements, such as the date and time of the interview, then it time to send them some more information so that they can prepare for the actual interview. This can include things such as how to set up their microphone, what is acceptable for getting the best audio quality, the types of interview questions you will ask, how your recording and review process works, and how they can make changes afterward if needed.

Doing this preparation is important for both you and your guests. This will help everything go off much more smoothly on the day of the interview, which will ultimately streamline the interview process. It will also give your guest that chance to review any of the material ahead of time and help you answer any questions they might have before getting started.

4. The Reminder

When it comes to meeting deadlines and remembering important dates, a reminder is never a bad idea! Send your guest a reminder the day before the interview to not only let them know that you are excitement for the interview but to also give them a friendly reminder not to forget!

Use this email to give them any final information they might need before the interview and review any of the preparation points they might have had questions on. You can also use this email to ask for any information you might have missed previously, and make sure your guest is set at ease and ready to create some great content together!

5. The Thank You

After your episode is ready to be published, it is always a great idea to thank your guest for their time and the knowledge they have shared with your audience. This is also a great chance to give them the opportunity to review the episode and make any changes they might want.

Once the final episode is ready, make sure to provide your guest with ways to promote the episode and share it with their audience. Provide them with direct links, quotes, and any other promotional material that you have for the episode. Remember to give them the date that the episode will be published as well as the directories you will use so they can easily find it and share it out to their audience.

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