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21 Things To Do Before You Hit Record

A lot goes into getting ready for recording your podcast episode. Whether it’s your very first, or one of many that you’ve already done, you are bound to find your groove or “pre-recording routine” as time goes. If you are doing an interview, there are things to remember and check off like having the right background on your guest, sending them the right link for date and time, and making sure that your recording equipment is actually working. However, when it comes to the more personal stuff, everyone has different methods that help them to focus, think, and relax.

Some podcasters need little-to-no prep time before diving into the recording of an episode, while others need a routine to get their mind clear of cobwebs and ready to record. Fatigue, a lack of comfort, distractions, and a disruption of routine can all lead to a poor podcasting performance. Now the following list may not be exactly what you need to get in your podcast groove, but you might get a few ideas of new things to try if you just don’t feel comfortable yet! These 21 tips can not only help you in your podcasting but can also aid in improving overall mental and physical health. Check it out, and see which ones help you!

21 Tips For Your Pre-Recording Routine

  1. Drink a coffee for energy.
  2. Take a walk to clear your mind.
  3. Make a list of talking points.
  4. Phone a friend to get the communication juices flowing.
  5. De-clutter your workspace.
  6. Go to the gym to get the blood pumping.
  7. Meditate or take some quiet time for enhanced focus.
  8. Read a relevant article online for inspiration.
  9. Watch YouTube videos relating to your topic.
  10. Brain dump by journaling your thoughts.
  11. Go for a run to wake up.
  12. Take five minutes of complete silence to get rid of all distractions.
  13. Calm your body by taking 30 deep breaths.
  14. Listen to some chill music or…
  15. Listen to some hype tracks!
  16. Adjust the room temperature to something more comfortable.
  17. Minimize your multi-tasking and stick to just one prep task at a time.
  18. Draw a picture of the first thing that pops into your head.
  19. Leave your work space and do something fun.
  20. Sit in a park and listen to nature around you.
  21. Write down five things you’re grateful for to inject some positivity into your episode.

Hope you could find a bit of inspiration from this list to spice your pre-recording routine, or simply find new ways to get your mind focused, calm, and ready to make a great show! Just remember, we are all unique and different in our own way; the key is to find what works for you and use these tips to get ready before hitting that record button!

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