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21 of the Best Podcast Directories of 2021

Ever wondered how podcasts get from the podcast host to your ears? Through some cool technology and the use of podcast directories! 

In a nutshell, podcast directories are centralized places where your listeners can search for, listen to, subscribe, and download podcast episodes. They’re basically like mini search engines for podcasts. And all of this makes podcast directories one of the most effective channels through which you can get your content to your audience.

But there are a lot of options available! How do you know which directory you should be using for your podcast? And how many should you be using? To help give you a little more clarity on the subject, we’re sharing this list featuring 21 of the top podcast directories in 2021.

But before we dive into all the podcast directory options, we can answer one of the above questions. The more podcast directories you submit to, the more you’re able to reach your audience. And because the directories all offer different features and therefore cater to different audiences, it is our opinion that you should aim to submit your show to as many directories as possible to improve your show’s reach.

Now onto the list!

1. Apple Podcasts

Listing your podcast on Apple Podcasts should be your first order of business when you launch your podcast for two reasons. First up, the approval process can take some time, which could affect your launch schedule.

Secondly, while Spotify has recently nabbed the title of Most Used Podcast Listening App, Apple Podcasts still accounts for a huge number of podcast downloads. But more importantly, so many other of the more niche directories pull their listings from the platform, so in order to have your show listed in these smaller directories, you’ll first have to list your show on Apple Podcast.

2. Spotify

The above-mentioned data shows that Spotify has overtaken Apple Podcasts when it comes to the listening app of choice. And over the course of the last two years in particular, Spotify has been making moves to stake its claim as the leader in audio entertainment. And so you should most definitely list your podcast there!

The submission process is straightforward, provided you meet all the submission requirements, so check these out to make sure you’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s and you should have no problems. 

3. Google Podcasts 

As the staple podcast directory for Android users, Google Podcasts is another top directory to submit your show to. The platform has also recently been newly is now also available for iOS users. It may not be most popular listening app, but it is one you should definitely submit to as it wields the power of Google algorithms and can display your podcast as a result in a Google search. Just another reason to make sure you’ve got a handle on podcast discoverability and how to boost your show’s SEO.

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4. Stitcher

Stitcher has been around for quite some time, and is still the listening app of choice for many podcast enthusiasts. A perk of submitting your show to this platform is that the app works on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and Smart speakers, but it can also be integrated with over 50 car models. It can also be used in any vehicle with Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto so you can control Stitcher right from the dash of your car. 

5. Amazon Music and Audible

Amazon Music and Audible are fairly new players in the podcasting game, but are no strangers on the audio playing field. And while Amazon Music is not a podcast host, the directory does stream on-demand content directly from your hosting provider using your RSS feed. And as Audible is well-renowned for high-quality, engaging audio, your podcast will find some very eager ears.

6. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is a free audio streaming service, and with over 200 channels, and is one of the largest streaming radio and podcast directories available on the Internet. It is favored by many podcast listeners as they can customize their podcast playlists by choosing their favorite categories and setting up their listener profile. You can get your podcast listed on the directory by using the manual submission form here.

7. Listen Notes

Listen Notes prides itself on being the best podcast search engine, and so of course you want your podcast listed here! It’s a great way to get your podcast noticed, as it’s user-friendly and will display a whole range of podcasts related to your niche search, and not merely the ones popular on other directories. Your podcast is most likely already listed in Listen Notes, but you can also submit it here.

8. Podcast Index

Podcast Index is here to preserve, protect and extend the open, independent podcasting ecosystem. And they do this by enabling developers to have access to an open, categorized index that will always be available for free, for any use.

Your podcast should already feature on the Podcast Index, but if not, simply check with your podcast host and it should be an easy fix.

9. TuneIn

TuneIn is a popular choice due to it being available on most platforms and devices. While it doesn’t boast any of the features popular with other podcast apps, TuneIn is a very simple and easy way to listen to podcasts. One of their biggest selling points is their alignment with state-of-the-art technology – if you add your podcast to their listings, your podcast will be available to listeners with Tesla cars or Amazon’s Alexa. So if your target audience are tech savvy, listing your podcast on TuneIn is a no-brainer. 

10. Pandora

Pandora is another place to list your podcast, and it makes this list particularly for its powerful recommendation algorithms. Using their Podcast Genome Project, the platform aims to offer their listeners personalized podcast recommendations based on their listening history. They have only recently made it possible for individuals to submit their podcasts to their directory, which now means that anyone can submit their podcasts to the platform for consideration.

11. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is another great place to list your podcast. It’s a sleek, user-friendly app, full of amazing features, and because of this, it has experienced a surge in popularity. Not only has Pocket Casts invested heavily in curation to make discovery easy, but their human-curated recommendations lists means that listeners trust the nominees as they are featured based solely on merit. Submission to Pocket Casts is easy, as they pull from the Apple Podcasts directory. And if you’d like to get your show featured on the app’s list of podcast recommendations, you can submit your podcast by following the instructions here

12. Overcast

Overcast is another beautifully-designed, yet more niche podcast app, and is the app of choice of many serious podcast connoisseurs. It has some cool features such as Smart Speed, Voice Boost, and Smarter Playlists. With all these features and much more, it’s easy to see why so many podcast-lovers are choosing this app to enhance their listening experience. The app is only available for iOS users, but the great news is that when you list your podcast with Apple Podcasts, it will automatically appear in Overcast within two days of its Apple listening.

13. PodBean

Submitting your podcast to PodBean will ensure that listeners can find your podcast with ease. As one of the top podcast apps on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, having your show appear on the PodBean app could really help you grow your podcast audience. Another plus for listing with PodBean is their distribution and promotion features. As part of their promotion options your podcast will appear on the app’s homepage in the banners that run across the top, for high visibility to everyone who opens the app.

14. RadioPublic

RadioPublic is a great place for brand-new podcasters and veterans of the industry alike. They have a host of useful tools for the podcaster and they offer podcasters a real opportunity to build their business and grow their listener base. RadioPublic puts a lot of emphasis on the monetization opportunities for podcasters and provides features such as the Paid Listens Program.

15. Castbox

Castbox have revolutionized the way directories do things. What sets them apart is the SEO and AI optimized features which offer podcast listeners something truly unique.  And one of the results is that the search process has been made so much easier for listeners! Castbox does draw their directories from Apple Podcasts, but you can also help the process along by heading to their website and manually submitting your podcast. You can also apply to have your podcast featured on the app. They also enable commenting, sharing, and other social features that will engage your listeners and get you noticed. 

16. PlayerFM

Player FM is a multi-platform podcast app that helps listeners find their favorite shows and enjoy them when they want, even offline. With one account, listeners can listen to your podcast on many different interfaces. FM’s nerve center is based in the cloud, which ensures that episodes get updated faster. But what really makes this app stand out from the crowd is its focus on discovery. If you want to get your show on Player FM, simply follow the steps and instructions which can be found here

17. Acast

Acast is a great directory to submit to, particularly if your podcast is new and still unknown. Acast sends out suggestions of podcast recommendations listeners might like according to their previous listens. They make it easy to get your show wherever your audience is – publish to leading podcatchers like Apple, Google, Spotify, and everywhere you want to be at the click of a button.

18. Blubrry

Blubrry is a full service podcast hosting company that will distribute your podcast to all the major platforms and players. Blubrry is the perfect site to find, subscribe to and share your favorite podcasts. You can submit your podcast to their directory even if they are not the site that hosts your podcast.

19. BeyondPod

BeyondPod gives you access to thousands of free audio and video shows from all over the world, as well as enabling listeners to search for podcasts or import them from popular sites like Feedly. With over 2.5 million downloads, BeyondPod’s new streamlined interface and powerful controls give you unparalleled access to millions of audio and video podcasts.

20. Audioboom

Audioboom hosts your podcast, distributes your episodes, and can even connect you with advertisers. When it comes to distribution, they’ve partnered with Apple Podcasts, CastBox, Deezer, Google Podcasts, iHeart, Player FM, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, RadioPublic, Spotify, Stitcher and, TuneIn to ensure that your audience finds your show, no matter where they listen. Audioboom allows your audience to listen on the platform that’s best for them.

21. Podchaser

Podchaser is a web-based social app. And while it’s not a podcast directory in the traditional sense – it doesn’t host podcasts – it boasts an incredible database of podcasts. You can search for your favorites, check out the curated lists compiled by other podcast fans, as well as find information about the hosts and guests. You can also rate and review your favorite shows and episodes and see what other listeners recommend.

22. Honorable Mentions


YouTube is actually home to many podcasts! Video podcasts that is! Podcast hosts can use the platform to expand their reach by sharing video versions of their episodes, or other types of engaging video content.

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Facebook has recently made moves to enter the podcasting space by launching Facebook Podcasts. Podcast creators can now add their podcast to their personal page and can share snippets and visual audio clips on their page.

For more, check out this link.

Closing Thoughts

Podcast directories make it possible for you to distribute your awesome content to your audience. And the above are all great platforms for podcasters to submit their content to. And while there are many options available, your distribution strategy should include all the top players as well as some of the more niche options, depending on your audience.

Getting your podcast out there and into the ears of eager listeners is the best way to grow your audience, increase download numbers, and to help your show grow from strength to strength. So get your details ready, have your chosen directories list on hand, and get submitting!

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