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20 Ways to Celebrate International Podcast Day 2020

In case you were not aware, September is a BIG month for the podcasting industry! On the 30th of September, for the sixth year running, podcasters and podcast enthusiasts from all over the world will come together to celebrate International Podcast Day! Yes, that’s right! There is a day dedicated to all things podcasting and we think it deserves a grand ol’ celebration. And if there’s one thing that We Edit Podcasts knows how to do well (besides editing podcasts, of course!) is how to celebrate! So today, in preparation for tomorrow’s podcast celebration, we’re sharing 20 ways you can join in the festivities and celebrate International Podcast Day with fellow podcasters around the globe!

But before we share all our party plans, let’s take a look at all that we’re celebrating by taking part in International Podcast Day… 

The year 2014 saw the inception of National Podcast Day, where the day was celebrated with six hours of podcast broadcasting. But the power of podcasting was too large for just a national day, and so come 2015, with a little rebranding magic, the first official International Podcast Day had its debut. And it’s grown from strength to strength with every passing year! The core purpose of the day is to celebrate the power of podcasts, and ever since that inaugural event, hundreds of hours of audio have been broadcasted in celebration, by podcasters from nearly 70 countries, from every corner of the globe. 

And this year promises to be the best yet! So if you don’t want to miss out on all the fun, check out our Top 20 ways to celebrate International Podcast Day 2020! We’ve taken inspiration from the official International Podcast Day website, as well as including some of the ways we plan on celebrating podcasting’s special day. 

First up…

For Podcast Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a podcaster or a podcast enthusiast, the following ideas can be used for celebration by both the avid podcast listener, as well as the passionate podcast creator…

1. Hashtag Away!

First up, you can celebrate podcasting’s big day simply by sharing content via your social media platforms and using #InternationalPodcastDay on your posts. Not only will this help promote the event, but you’ll also be able to connect with other podcast enthusiasts worldwide.

2. Follow The Hashtag

If you’re going to be sharing content using #InternationalPodcastDay, make sure you’re also following the hashtag so you’re not missing out on all the cool content other podcast enthusiasts are sharing in the build up to the big event as well as on the day itself. We gurantee you’ll be amazed at all that’s going on all around the world, all in celebration of all things podcasting!

3.Share Your Favorites

Another super simple way celebrate podcasting is simply to share your favorite podcast with those in your circle. Whether it’s your best friend, a colleague, or jogging partner, on International Podcast Day, take a few moments to send them a link to your current favorite show, or that great episode you know they’ll love.  

4. Be Social About It

Another great way to participate in International Podcast Day is to share your favorite shows or episodes with the world, or, at least, your social media followers. One of our favorite ways to do this is by sharing audiograms via our social media platforms. Audiograms are a really fun way to share your favorite podcast episodes with your friends, and they are also super easy to create! Just head over to Headliner, Wavve, or Audiogram, and follow their instructions. In no time at all, you’ll have fun sneak peeks of your favorite podcasts to entice your friends and family and get them hooked on some amazing content! 

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5. Send The Stars

Podcast hosts put a lot of time and effort into making a show their listeners will love. And International Podcast Day is a fantastic opportunity to send them a little love in return. Take some time on September 30th to provide a rating for your favorite podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or other platforms such as Podchaser.

6. Write Those Reviews

And while you’re busy dishing out all those 5-star ratings, why not leave a great review? Reviews are a great way to let your favorite podcasters know how much you love their show, and to simply tell them “thank you” for all the hard work they put into their podcast. 

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7. Give Some Support

You could also consider using International Podcast Day to financially support your favorite shows. You could consider becoming one of their Patreon supporters, purchasing one of their products, or simply giving a donation towards the costs of running their show. 

8. Explore New Shows

Use this special occasion to discover new shows. If you’re usually a True Crime junkie, how about trying some of the best Star Wars podcasts in the galaxy or these top Tolkien-inspired shows? Or if you’re simply wanting to learn all those things you never knew you never knew, there are a whole host of shows dedicated to boosting your general knowledge.  Use the day to explore the huge variety of podcasts out there, and enjoy your exploration into unchartered territories!

9. “Attend” The Events

There are so many events that are lined up all around the world for this most auspicious occasion. Check out the official website, as well as the official social media platforms (click here for the Instagram account or here for Twitter) for International Podcast Day to see all the different events that are lined up. Perhaps one of the most exciting events is the 15th Annual Podcast Awards! Be sure to tune in to see which shows take home the glory in all the different categories.

10. Vote For Your Favorite

While we’re talking about the Podcast Awards, another way to celebrate podcasts is to make your vote count for your favorite shows. While the voting is closed for this year’s awards, you can sign up to make sure you’re alerted when next year’s submissions open. You can then make sure your favorite show gets the love and attention it deserves. 

11. Learn From The Best 

One of the many great things about International Podcast Day is the phenomenal speakers that line up to share their passion, knowledge, and expertise. And this year is no exception! Keep reading to the end of the post to find out more about this year’s lineup of expert speakers. 

12. Spread The Love

Did you know that there are over 1,000,000 podcasts out there? But even though they have experienced massive growth in popularity, there are loads of people who have never listened to a single podcast. On International Podcast Day, spread the love by telling someone you know who has never listened to a podcast just how wonderful they are, help them download the first one, and get them hooked!

13. Join Communities

The power of podcasts extends to incredible communities that rally around a show or the medium as a whole. You could celebrate by finding communities to join that have been formed around your favorite shows. Or if you’re a podcaster, you could also find some communities or groups that are just for podcast hosts. They are a wonderful space to learn from others, share your experiences, and make lifelong friends with others who are as passionate about the podcasting industry as you are. 

14. Start A Podcast

What better way to celebrate the power of podcasts than by starting your very own show and sharing your voice with the world? Use the day to lock down your niche and start planning the launch of your brand new show!

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For Podcast Hosts

If you’re already hosting a podcast, these are some you can join in the fun on International Podcast Day! 

15. Take it to the Streets

Why not celebrate International Podcast Day by taking your show to the streets? Grab your mic and a camera and engage with people you meet along your way. (Wearing your mask and social distancing, of course, this is 2020 after all!) Ask your interviewees to share their favorite podcasts (and if they have no idea what a podcast is, implement #12), or why they love listening to podcasts, then share the responses on your social media platforms. 

16. Host a Live Event

You could consider hosting a live virtual event in honor of this special day! Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have features that allow you to share content live, but you could also host an event via Zoom, or another similar type of software. 

Check out this post for everything you need to know about hosting a successful virtual podcast event. 

17. Learn Something New

As a podcaster, you know that there are so many aspects that come together to make a great podcast. And there is always something new to learn! Why not set aside some time on International Podcast Day to take a course, learn a new skill, or master something new to help improve your podcast. Besides all the great speakers sharing officially on the day, there are countless courses available on platforms such as Skillshare or Udemy that you can sign up to do. 

Check out some of the great podcasting courses available here.

For The Next Generation

We believe that podcasting is for all and so we’re including some fun ways the next generation can join the celebration and experience the power of podcasts for themselves. Whether you’re a parent or an educator, here are some celebratory ideas just for you and the kids…

18. Listen To Great Podcasts for Kids

International Podcast Day is a great occasion to introduce the next generation to the wonderful world of podcasts! There are some incredible podcasts available that kids of all ages and adults alike will enjoy! To help get you started, check out this post that features some of our favorite story-telling podcasts that children (and their parents!) will love! 

19. Use Podcasts in the Classroom

Whether you’re teaching in an actual, virtual, or home classroom, there are so many amazing podcasts out there that are truly fantastic resources to help make learning fun! Whether you’re learning about outer space or looking to fuel creative juices, there are tons of great, educational podcasts available, and International Podcast Day is the perfect occasion to start using these in the classroom.

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20. Help Them Start a Podcast

You’re never too young (or too old, for that matter) to start a podcast! Starting a podcast could be a great school project, and it could also be something fun for families to try together! We’ve all got something we can share with the world, so why not use this occasion to start sharing!

If you need some inspiration, check out these amazing podcasts for kids by kids!

Closing Thoughts

And there you have it! Our Top 20 ways you can join in the festivities for tomorrow’s International Podcast Day. But there are tons of other ways you can participate! Check out all the great suggestions featured on the official International Podcast Day website here. And while you’re there getting inspired by all of their ideas, you should definitely check out all the fun activities and events that are planned for the 2020 celebration! There is an incredible line-up of speakers from all around the globe!  There are over 50 this year who will be sharing their expertise and knowledge in hour slots from the 29th to the 30th of September. You can check out the live schedule here. The list of speakers is certainly extensive, and they come from all walks of life, from all over the world, and from every aspect of the industry, from podcast hosts to CEOs. You definitely don’t want to miss out on all they have to share! You can see the list of speakers and find out more about them here. No matter how you chose to celebrate, or whatever you do to commemorate this special day on the podcasting calendar, there can be no denying the power of podcasts, and their ability to bring people together, and that, in itself, is totally worth celebrating!

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