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20+ Out of the Box Ideas for Promoting a Podcast

Hey podcaster, are you looking for new ideas for promoting a podcast? Well, you’re in luck! We went a little wild in a brainstorming session and have come up with 20+ ideas that could be really fun, innovative, and successful ways to promote a podcast!

Podcasting is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. But in order for people to hear your podcast, you need to promote it! Perhaps you’ve tried some more conventional promotion tactics, but you just don’t seem to be gaining any traction. Your download numbers aren’t increasing and your audience isn’t growing.

And that sucks. We get it. Hence the brainstorming session. And the result is this plethora of podcast promotional ideas that you’re about to dive into…

So, without further adieu, here are twenty plus (I told you, we went a little wild!) out of the box ideas for promoting a podcast that will help you get the word out there and attract new listeners.

20+ Out of the Box Ideas for Promoting a Podcast

1. TikTok

You may be promoting your podcast on Facebook and Instagram already, but another fantastic podcast promotion opportunity lies within the realms of TikTok!

Yes, I know TikTok may seem like a scary place, especially if you’ve never really explored the platform before. However, we do see it as incredible opportunity to get your content out there in fun, bite-sized chunks and reach a new audience.

We’ve even recently joined the platform, too! (Follow us here!) So you can learn the ropes with us!

BONUS! Participate in TikTok trends

While we believe that one arm of your TikTok marketing strategy for your podcast should involve using the platform to get people hooked on your content, the other arm of your strategy should be fun! Specially, participating in some of the current TikTok trends. This can help get you noticed on the platform, and can help you garner a significant audience.

You can then dove tail trending videos with those about your podcast and the type of content you’re sharing. We see this as potentially being a really successful way to promote a podcast.

2. Reels

You may be promoting your podcast on Instagram, but are you using Reels?

Creating Reels promoting your podcast is a great way to engage with followers and introduce new people to your content. You can use them to share snippets from recent episodes or teasers for upcoming ones. You can show your studio set-up, or offer some behind-the-scenes fun with your latest guest.

All of these would make for seriously engaging content. And as a by-product, would spread the word about your podcast that much further.

3. Audiograms

While audiograms are definitely growing in popularity and usage, we still think this is an underused way to promote a podcast.

Audiograms are the perfect way to share teasers and sneak peeks of your upcoming episodes. You pick snippets that will intrigue your followers or pique the interest of any viewer. Use design elements to ensure that they are easily-identifiable as yours, and then share these far and wide.

There really is no better way to show what your podcast is all about than an audiogram. We can almost guarantee that this will help you improve your reach and increase the number of downloads you get for your podcast.

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4. YouTube Shorts

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular search engines. And so while you’re likely trying to optimize your podcast for web searches and working to boost your podcast’s SEO (and you should totally keep doing that), perhaps you haven’t considered that making your podcast’s presence known on YouTube is a great way to promote your podcast.

You don’t necessarily have to start a full-blown YouTube channel. You could just make use of YouTube Shorts. Shorts are a relatively simple way to create a video component for your podcast. And adding video to your offering is a great way to attract new listeners.

5. Create an amazing podcast trailer

A great, captivating trailer is another highly underutilized way to promote a podcast! Think about the upcoming blockbuster you can’t wait to see. You likely only know about it because you saw an epic trailer.

A podcast trailer is a fantastic way to promote a podcast…if you can make it epic! Think about the heart of your podcast. What do you want your audience to feel when they listen? What do you want them to learn? What do you think they will be most excited about?

Now, create a trailer that shares this! Buy ad spots on other podcasts in your niche, send them your trailer, and you should see some significant audience growth.

BONUS! Turn your trailer into an audiogram!

Keep your trailer under 60 seconds, and it becomes an amazing audiogram! I often use apps like Headliner to make audiograms for podcasts I love and want to share with others. But it can be incredibly hard if said podcast’s trailer (if they have one!) is over 60 seconds. (You can make longer audiograms, but for the purpose of promoting a podcast on social media, you should aim to keep your audiograms under the 60 second mark.)

I want to share the heart of the podcast, but it can be hard to do if the trailer is really long. So keep it short and punchy, and make sure you turn that trailer into an audiogram!

6. Buy a couple social media ads

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter offer amazing opportunities to promote not just your podcast in general, but also specific episodes through their paid ad initiatives.

While organic reach is still first prize, promoting your podcast with ads can be the extra boost you need to get more eyes (and ears!) on it.

Design some eye-catching, scroll-stopping ads and target them correctly and you could have a winning strategy for some quick, effective podcast promotion.

7. Podchaser

Next up, create a profile on Podchaser. Podchaser is like the IMBD of podcasts. On the platform, you can follow all your favorite podcast creators, create all kinds of podcast lists, and, importantly for our purposes today, leave ratings and reviews for your favorite shows.

How does this help you promote your podcast? Well, if your loyal listeners are encouraged to leave ratings and reviews for your show, more people will find out just how amazing it is, and they’ll become fans themselves.

But you can also get active on the platform, build amazing lists, engage with other podcast fans, and so also build a buzzing podcast community.

8. Buzzsprout Ads

We’ve spoken about social media ads, but there’s another totally awesome ad opportunity when it comes to promoting a podcast…podcast ad services!

We’ll start with Buzzsprout and their Buzzsprout Ads offering. By creating a Buzzsprout ad, you have the opportunity to reach audiences who are passionate about podcasts and engage with content similar to yours. By targeting your target audience, you can effectively use these ads to promote your podcast.

9. Overcast

How does this specific podcast player help you promote your podcast? If you read our recent post sharing some of the best options for podcast listening apps, you’ll remember that we said that while Overcast is free, the free version is supported by small visual ads which promote podcasts…I think you can see where I’m going with this!

Get YOUR PODCAST to be one of those visual ads!

This podcast app displays these podcasts ads which listeners can click for a short description. Make yours punchy and intriguing, and get viewers subscribing! Ad cost varies based on the podcast category. 

11. Podcast Addict

Similar to Overcast, you can also purchase ads for Podcast Addict. Podcast Addict is one of the most popular podcast listening apps for Android users, and so you would be showcasing your podcast to a wide audience by promoting your podcast on the platform.

12. Your newsletter

In at Number 12 is your newsletter. And if you don’t have a newsletter for your podcast, consider this the sign you’ve been waiting for to start one!

Email is a direct way to interact with your audience. And you can tailor emails to meet your audience’s needs. And because it’s a more direct form of communication, you can use your newsletters to share more about your podcast.

Coincide your newsletter with whenever you publish a new episode, provide the right link, and you can effectively get more people tuning in to your podcast.

13. Other newsletters

Podcast-focused newsletters are a fantastic way to discover new shows! I’m signed up to so many different podcast newsletters! (Perhaps too many? But is there really such a thing?) And I’m constantly adding new shows to my ever-growing “To Listen To” list.

And if you submitted your podcast to a podcast newsletter, it just might be your show I (and the hundreds of other podcast enthusiasts) am adding to the list. EarBuds Podcast Collective, Find that Pod, and Podcast Delivery are just some of the options.

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14. Stickers

Here’s another random podcast promotion idea…stickers! Specifically, stickers that feature your super cool podcast cover art, one of your famous sayings, or your show’s catchphrase.

Stick these on your water bottle, your car, hand them out to family and friends, or people you meet at your local coffee shop (no one says “no” to a free sticker!) and get the word out there about your amazing podcast.

15. Mugs

While we’re talking about merch, you could promote your podcast by printing custom mugs. Again, use your cover art or catchphrase and give these as gifts. Or simply take your Ask Me About My Podcast mug to work and see where the conversations lead you!

Never underestimate the power of a great mug!

BONUS! T-Shirts

You could consider printing some cool graphic tees as a way to promote your show. Again, when done well, these make for great gifts. But whoever’s wearing your shirts is basically a walking billboard promoting your podcast.

A fun, relatively inexpensive way to get your podcast out there.

16. QR codes

Did you know you can create a QR code for your podcast? Well, you can! QR codes make it easy for people to scan the code and be taken directly to your podcast page.

The drawcard of QR codes is that you can use them on pretty much anything – postcards, flyers, business cards, stickers…get creative with it and see how many new listeners you might get!

17. Valuable freebies

Build a community by offering value! That’s something we really believe in here at We Edit Podcasts. And we also believe that you can build your podcast community in the same manner.

Think about ways you can offer your target audience something valuable. And then give it to them…for free! This could be guides, templates, anything that your target audience would find valuable. And by offering these for free, you help build trust in you and your brand. And by extension, your podcast.

You’ll be seen as a confident authority in your niche, and this can easily translate into a growing following!

18. Get active in online podcast communities

Next up, speaking of community, here comes idea Number 18 for promoting a podcast…get active in online podcast communities! In these groups, you can network with other podcasters and get some solid podcast advice and some much-needed support.

And in many of these communities, you will also be provided a space to promote your podcast.

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19. Interact with podcast-related boards on Reddit or Quora 

Another way to promote your podcast is to engage with podcast-focused or niche-related boards on Reddit or Quora. These are really engaged, robust communities, and if you can find the ones that fit your niche, you could find a welcoming audience for your show.

Don’t make promoting your podcast your sole intention however! Rather get involved in the community. Offer advice, or feedback, or comment on relevant posts. And then when appropriate, you can link your podcast or specific episodes. You’ve already built the trust of the community, and so following your podcast would likely be the response.

20. Exit Pop-Ups on your Website

Next up, pop-ups.

If you have a website for your brand, you could utilize exit pop-ups as way to promote your podcast.

An exit pop-up is usually a box that pops up as a user moves their cursor away from your web page. Use a catchy call to action to grab their attention, and then a prompt to subscribe to your podcast or check out your latest episode.

21. Podcast cross-promotion

Here’s another idea to promote a podcast: cross-promotion. Find other podcasters in your niche and see if you can organize mutual promotion campaigns. Share your trailers with each other, promote each other’s podcasts or latest episodes, and help each other build your audience.

Cross promoting with other podcasts in the same genre as yours is a great way to expand your reach and garner new followers.

22. Get featured in listicles

Okay, firstly, that’s just a weird word. But getting featured in podcast-focused listicles is a fantastic way to promote your podcast!

A quick Google search will likely yield a number of ‘Top X podcasts’ for your podcast niche. Then it’s just a matter of reaching out to the creator to see if they would consider adding your podcast to their list.

Give them solid reasons why your show would be a great fit for the list and make it clear that your show would fit right in amongst the other podcasts listed. And more often than not, you will likely receive a positive response.

You could also reach out to bloggers who often write about podcasts and pitch them on including your show in one of their posts. Not only can these features help you grow your audience, but it will also help boost your show’s SEO.

23. Sponsor a podcast

Another way to promote your podcast is to sponsor someone else’s podcast. This a great way to support someone else on their podcasting journey. That in and of itself is really amazing.

But, it is also a really great way to promote your podcast! Pick the podcast you sponsor carefully. Make sure their audience aligns with yours and that they have a significant amount of reach, and you’ll certainly reach more listeners with that sponsorship!


And there you have it! Our 20+ out of the box ideas for promoting a podcast! We’ll update this list whenever we have those wild brainstorming sessions, so be sure to check back in from time to time!

How do you promote your podcast? What works? What doesn’t? Share with us in the comments!

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