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18 of the Best Podcast Newsletters for 2022

Okay. So let’s start this post with an admission. My inbox is out of control. Like, really out of control.


Because I sign up to way too many newsletters! I probably need to do some serious assessment of the situation and hit that ‘unsubscribe’ option at the bottom of the email.

But do you know which newsletters I will not be unsubscribing from? All of my amazing podcast-related newsletters! Those guys are sticking around for a good long while!

Podcast newsletters are an incredible resource for anyone in the podcasting industry. What could be better than thought-provoking articles, breaking news, and insight on industry developments sent straight to your inbox?

But podcast newsletters are not just for those in the industry. There are a ton of fantastic newsletters dedicated to sharing some amazing podcast recommendations. I have found some of my favorite podcasts simply by signing up to some of the best podcast newsletters.

So, if you’re seeking great podcast recommendations or simply want to stay up to date with what’s going on in the podcast world, keep reading! We’ve got all this and then some!

In this post, we’ll share some of the greatest podcasting newsletters you should subscribe to in order to receive the newest episodes and stay up to date on all things podcasting.

1. Buzzsprout

Besides having one of the best blogs in the business, Buzzsprout also boasts a really great weekly podcast newsletter. Their newsletters are filled with handy tips to help you reach podcasting success and reviews of all the latest tech.

There’s links to their latest YouTube videos, as well as to articles all podcasters will find helpful, no matter their skill level.

They also share content from others who are creating great podcast-centered content, so there will be even more great newsletters to sign up to! Yay! (I think I may have a problem…)

You can find a link to their email sign-up here.

2. Podnews

Podnews is a daily newsletter and podcast that keeps you in the know of all that’s happening in the podcasting industry the world over.

Curated by James Cridland, who has over 28 years of experience in the radio and online business, the Podnews newsletter serves up breaking news, hot exclusives, links to a variety of excellent articles, and there are even some great podcast recommendations thrown in the mix!

The newsletters are concise, but jam-packed and it’s easy to see why it is a firm favorite amongst many in the industry. Sign up here, and join 21,704 readers worldwide as they stay up-to-date with all the pod news!

3. The Podcast Host

Not only does The Podcast Host run an excellent podcast blog, but they also have a really useful newsletter.

Their newsletter features links to some of their insightful articles and how-to guides, their takes on some of the industry’s top stories, and they also share other resources their users might find helpful.

It’s an easy-to-read newsletter making sure you get all the good stuff with ease. They also pose some interesting questions, which helps to make their newsletters feel more interactive.

You can sign up here.

4. Hot Pod

The Hot Pod Newsletter was originally created by Nick Quah. But he recently placed it in Ashley Carman’s capable hands, and Hot Pod has now made a new home at The Verge.

Ashley obviously brings her own unique voice to the newsletters, but one thing has definitely stayed the same. Hot Pod News is still the newsletter to turn to for hot podcast news, fresh take-aways, and thought-provoking opinions. It’s one to turn to if you want an in-depth analysis of all that’s going on in the industry.

The newsletter comes out every Tuesday, for free, and also has a paid subscription option called Hot Pod Insider, which comes out twice a week.

Subscribe here.

5. Podcast Delivery

If you’re constantly on the lookout for new podcasts to listen to, another great podcast recommendation newsletter to try is Podcast Delivery. If you know the struggle of finding your next favorite listen, then you know exactly why Podcast Delivery came into being!

The team behind Podcast Delivery took it upon themselves to make the struggle a little bit easier! They endeavor to sift through the mountain of podcasts available and find those standouts that we need to hear. These are then delivered conveniently to your inbox. 

Podcast Delivery works really hard to find the gems, and a lot of time and care goes into showcasing the chosen podcasts well. So well, in fact, that you’ll more than likely find yourself branching out of your usual podcast comfort zones to try some of the shows they suggest.

I’m always so happy when I see the Podcast Delivery newsletter in my inbox, and I’m sure you will be too! Sign up here, and you’ll soon have a few new favorite listens!

6. Podcast Gumbo Newsletter

The Podcast Gumbo Newsletter is another winning podcast newsletter. Created by Paul Kondo, this one provides subscribers with three recommended podcasts, with a focus on individual episodes.

With Paul’s grand scheme to make people listen to more podcasts, and after seeing all of the podcasts out there, Paul realized that it would take a lot of time to sort through them and find the best. So he’s does the heavy lifting and delivers some stellar recommendations to your inbox!

Subscribe here to get all those outstanding recommendations!

7. Inside Podcasting

The Inside Podcasting newsletter is another staple in my inbox. They offer all the breaking news and insights into all that’s going on in the podcasting space. But they also break down some of the biggest stories in easy-to-follow take-away points.

There are great insights, article recommendations, as well as the lowdown on upcoming podcast events. If you want to stay up-to-date and in-the-know, the Inside Podcasting newsletter is the way to go!

8. Podcast Pontifications

Podcast Pontifications, brought to us by Evo Terra, is another “must-have” podcast newsletter to have in your arsenal. This one is a little different to the others.

This one is not a round up of the hottest news nor does it merely share the headlines.

In each newsletter, Evo takes one podcast-related topic or another, and unpacks it with careful precision. Whether it’s thoughtfully sharing an opinion, evaluating a development, or bringing another angle to a conversation, his newsletters always dish up heaps of food for thought.

Sign up to Podcast Pontifications here, and get ready for some thought-provoking reads!

9. PodMov Daily

Podcast Movement is one of the most-anticipated events on the podcasting calendar, and so you’d think they would have a great newsletter. And you’d be correct in your thinking! They do indeed!

When PodMov Daily hits your inbox everyday, you’re always in for a punchy read. There’s all the biggest news, snippets to interesting articles, and some quick hits featuring other newsworthy stories!

Subscribe here, and you’ll get all the latest headlines on the daily!

10. Podcast Business Journal

If you’re looking for all the latest news from the podcasting industry, the Podcast Business Journal newsletter has you covered!

This newsletter features easy-to-digest snippets, and easy-to-follow headlines of all the latest going on in the podcasting space. There are links to an interesting variety of articles to feed your thirst for knowledge, and even spaces to promote your podcast.

So sign up hear, and get all the latest news!

11. Podcast The Newsletter by Lauren Passel

There’s a really fun energy to the newsletters sent out by Lauren Passel. But don’t think that they aren’t worth their salt in all the latest podcasting news, because they definitely are!

Lauren does a fantastic job of integrating fun and interest with the topics or news items she unpacks.

She also features interesting podcasts, shares her opinions, and just takes the reader on a whirlwind tour of the audio space with each newsletter she sends out.

Sign up here, and enjoy all that Podcast the Newsletter has to offer.

12. I Hear Things

I Hear Things is a newsletter brought to your inbox by Tom Webster. Tom’s worked for 25 years as an audio researcher, and he brings that experience and expertise to the table with his newsletter.

He covers all things podcasting, as well as anything related to the audio space. His newsletters are always packed with interesting takes, and because it’s usually data and stats driven, it’s a new perspective to the other newsletters hitting your inbox.

Get all the data by signing up here.

13. We Edit Podcasts

Okay, so we may be a little biased, but we do think we have a pretty great weekly newsletter!

Our newsletter is light-hearted but info-dense, featuring top stories from the industry, links to helpful articles, and other content we think our readers will find interesting.

We love putting our newsletter together, and showing a bit more of our personality, and we love that it enables us to serve our community in new ways. We aim to keep you in the loop where all the big stories are concerned, and we also share insider tips and tricks to help you improve your podcast and make your journey in the industry one of success.

So if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, sign up here. And we’ll be sliding into your inbox every Thursday morning.

14. Sounds Profitable

Sounds Profitable is Bryan Barletta’s podcast adtech weekly newsletter from Podnews. So if you find it difficult to understand, let alone master podcast adtech, you’re going to want to sign up! This is a weekly newsletter which is focused on breaking down the technical details of the podcast advertising space and making it accessible for everyone. With each article you read, you’ll feel your confidence growing as your knowledge increases, and you’ll never stress about understanding the nuts and bolts of podcast adtech again.

This one has helped me really understand the more adtech-focused side of the podcast industry, and I know where to turn whenever I need something explained really well!

You can sign up to Sounds Profitable here.

15. Fiction Podcast Weekly

This is another newsletter offered by The Podcast Host, but as you can guess from the name, this one focuses on sharing the latest and greatest of all that the world of fiction podcasts have to offer.

The weekly newsletter features all the news from the world of audio fiction, audio drama, and sound storytelling, and so if you love all things fiction, sign up to this newsletter today!

16. 1.5x Speed

Since handing over the reins of Hot Pod, Nick Quah hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. And his newsletter, 1.5x Speed is evidence of that.

Having recently become Vulture’s podcast critic, his weekly newsletter features some top-notch podcast recommendations and listening notes.

Nice brings his signature style and unique takes to his newest newsletter, so you know it’s always going to be an entertaining, and often, thought-provoking read. I’m always invested in what he has to share, and so readily consume this newsletter.

You can see what I mean by signing up to 1.5x Speed here.

17. Find That Pod

Find That Pod knows that finding great podcasts is hard! Enter, their newsletter! They’ve made it their mission to help you find some amazing podcasts. 

Their weekly newsletter is jam-packed with five top podcasts so you’ll definitely find at least one that sparks your interest each week.

My other top reason for subscribing to Find That Pod’s newsletter is because of the quality of the content. You can tell that a lot of work and care has gone into creating each newsletter. And the variety of great shows they feature is evidence of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

Besides all the amazing new podcast recommendations, the newsletter is a great read, and it’s always a treat to see it pop up in your inbox.

Sign up to the newsletter here.

18. EarBuds Podcast Collective

I’m always excited when I see the EarBuds Podcast Collective newsletter hit my inbox, because it means my Podcasts To Listen To list is about to get even longer!

EarBuds Podcast Collective was founded by Arielle Nissenblatt, and this weekly newsletter features 5 exciting podcast episodes that have been curated according to a particular theme. And each curated list has been compiled by a different person each week. 

The aim is to bring the diverse, eclectic, and ever-growing podcast universe directly to listeners, and they achieve this each and every week.

You can sign up to their newsletter here. And you can dive in to their impressive archive of podcast recommendations here.

In Conclusion

Podcast newsletters are a fantastic resource, helping you stay in-the-know with all the breakthroughs and breaking news taking place in the audio space. And the great thing about newsletters is that they are neatly packaged and delivered straight to your inbox, making it super easy to get all the latest news and all the best podcast recommendations. So sign up to any and all of the above, and you’ll never be wanting for podcast news!

Do you have a podcast newsletters that you’d like to tell us about? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to check it out!

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