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Best Podcast Blogs

17 of the Best Podcast Blogs in 2023

Are you a podcast host looking to boost your podcast knowledge? A great place to start is podcast blogs. But you don’t want just any podcast blog. You’re looking for the best podcast blogs in the podcastsphere! And you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve scoured the internet to bring together a collection of the top-rated podcast-focused blogs to boost your skills and increase your podcasting knowledge.

These podcast blogs offer engaging articles, reviews, and interviews from knowledgeable writers and contributors in the industry. Any of these will keep you informed on what trends and topics are dominating this space – so if it’s hot news about podcasts or tips and tricks for hosting your own show that you’re after, we’ve got you covered!

In no particular order, these are our top blogs focused on all things podcasting.

Our Top Podcast Blogs

1. The Buzzsprout Blog

The Buzzsprout Blog

The Buzzsprout Blog is one of the most reliable and helpful podcasting guides out there. Their articles provide you with all the critical information and resources needed to get your show off the ground, as well as tips on how to sustain success. The Buzzsprout Blog offers an easy-to-navigate platform that groups posts into relevant sections. Whether you are searching for strategies for monetizing your podcast, recording top-notch audio, or the newest podcast news – The Buzzsprout blog has everything you need!

2. The Podcast Host

The Podcast Host

The Podcast Host is a great resource when it comes to podcasting! This amazing blog contains tons of articles that are dedicated solely to informing you on how exactly to establish and run your podcast. Whether you’re searching for technical know-how, tools concerning monetization, or editing tips – The Podcast Host’s insightful posts have got it all covered! Their pieces are easy enough for anyone to understand, packed with actionable guidance, as well as full of useful information about the profession.


SquadCast blog

If you need inspiration for content creation, technical advice, or simply want to discover today’s best podcasts – SquadCast’s blog is your answer! From exclusive interviews with the industry elites to podcast reviews and recommendations – this blog has it all. So add this engaging source of information to your reading list and stay up-to-date on everything related to podcasts!

4. EOfire

EOFire blog

The EOfire blog is another winner. John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson’s blog is a great place to go for guidance on podcasting. They offer content specifically designed to help entrepreneurs make money through podcasting, build their network, grow their audience, and of course – deliver value. With posts loaded with helpful tips, tricks, and strategies – EOfire is an essential podcast blog to add to your reading list.



If you are looking for a one-stop shop for podcasting tips, advice, and tools – look no further than! This podcast blog is committed to providing straightforward recommendations on how to take your podcast game up a notch. As such, there are posts covering topics from essential resources to monetization strategies as well as ways in which you can sidestep common pitfalls. Captivate also offers a free podcasting course on their site, truly making it the one-stop podcasting advice shop.

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6. Podcast Magazine

Podcast Magazine

Podcast Magazine is an online publication dedicated exclusively to podcasting. It is a great source for finding out what’s trending in the industry, as well as a fantastic resource for discovering new shows. Podcast Magazine offers insightful interviews with podcast hosts and industry movers and shakers. Making it a great option to glean practical tips and tricks for hosting a successful podcast.

7. Podnews


Podnews is the top source of information to stay updated on everything occurring in podcasting worldwide. But beyond its daily newsletter and podcasts, it’s also known for its extraordinary collection of how-to articles! You’ll find a range of useful guides that cover all kinds of topics so you can be sure to get the help or advice you need.

8. Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn has established himself as the definitive authority on entrepreneurship and business strategy, so you know that his insights are worth taking note of. Smart Passive Income may not strictly be centered around podcasting but it still contains a wealth of amazing content relevant to starting your very own show. He provides multiple free resources to help podcasters craft their perfect podcast plan – everything from advice on sound quality, best practices for interviews and more! What’s more is that he even offers an Intro To Podcasting Mini-course which you can take for free!

9. Transom


Transom is a great platform that strives to launch new work, voices, and ideas into the public media space through its online presence and from workshops. Although not specifically designed for podcasting at first, you’ll find tons of pertinent articles on this subject! From unique topics to opinion pieces and helpful tips & tricks – Transom has it all in store for aspiring podcasters looking to make their mark in this landscape.

10. Podcast Insights

Podcast Insights

Podcast Insights is another top destination for all the actionable, easy-to-follow strategies and advice to make every step of your podcast journey successful. This comprehensive platform offers instructions on how to start, expand, and monetize podcasts as well as providing resources that will help you navigate through everything from industry news to tips. Looking for reliable guidance? Podcast Insights has got you covered!

11. Hot Pod News

Hot Pod News is the go-to source for staying up-to-date in the ever-evolving podcast world. With comprehensive coverage of all aspects of this rapidly expanding industry, including news and insight from key players, you can depend on Hot Pod News to provide an authoritative breakdown of everything happening – complete with insightful opinions!

12. Castos


Number 12 on the list is Castos, a great hosting site with powerful tools, and which offers top-notch resources from their blog. Here, you’ll find unique posts covering topics such as podcast growth strategies, tips for success in the industry, product reviews, and audio space developments. Every article is an informative read that will help grow your audience and foster connection within your community. Get started on making waves today by discovering all Castos has to offer!

13. Lowerstreet


Lowerstreet is a great site for podcasters, both amateur and experienced alike. From their blog, you’ll be able to access valuable resources on optimizing your podcast and gaining more listeners. They also offer comprehensive guides on the technical aspects of podcasting, such as mic techniques and how to monitor and interpret your podcast stats. This podcast blog is a great addition to your podcast resources.

14. The Audacity to Podcast

The Audacity to Podcast

If you are looking for a blog that will help to improve your podcasting skills, The Audacity to Podcast is another winner. Daniel J. Lewis has been a podcaster for years and offers his readers useful tools to help anyone get started with the art of podcasting. There are a whole lot of how-to articles, the low-down on podcasting software, as well as plenty of tips to help you grow your audience. A faithful podcasting resource for when you need some guidance and advice.

15. School of Podcasting

school of podcasting

If you want to unlock the potential of podcasting and take your show to new heights, then The School of Podcasting is for you! Hosted by Dave Jackson, each episode dives into podcast creation and promotion. Yes, this is technically a podcast, but the comprehensive show notes that accompany each episode is why we include this one on our list of podcast blogs.

16. Sounds Profitable

Sounds Profitable

If you want to become an adtech expert and finally make sense of the podcast advertising landscape, then Sounds Profitable by Bryan Barletta is your perfect solution! Sounds Profitable shares an info-dense weekly newsletter, that breaks down podcast adtech and presents it in a way that’s accessible for everyone. There are also insightful takes on industry developments, all which make Sounds Profitable a site we turn to time and time again.

17. We Edit Podcasts

Best podcast blogs The Podcast Digest from We Edit Podcasts

Finally, there’s us, and our podcast blog which we call The Podcast Digest. We love our blog, and we work hard to curate The Podcast Digest with articles that podcast hosts at whatever stage they are on their podcasting journey will find valuable. Our posts cover a wide range of topics, from preproduction tips to optimizing your audio quality and artwork specifically tailored toward successful podcasting. Additionally, you can find helpful lifestyle posts, like tips for increased productivity, as well as some of our favorite podcasts! At every stage in creating your own podcast, there is something here for inspiration or guidance throughout the process.

Our blog has also had a bit of glow-up recently! Let us know what you think!

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