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16 Active Podcasting Communities To Join

One of the most critical things about podcasting is surrounding yourself with people who are like-minded and on the same journey as you. You need others who can support, inspire, assist, and motivate you as you grow and mature as a podcaster. Lucky for us, we live in a time where we have access to millions upon millions of people who can do exactly that.

Unfortunately, it’s not always just as easy as a simple google search. Some podcast communities and forums are a little more tucked away than others, which is why we have compiled a quick and easy list for your use. The criteria for this list is recent member activity; meaning all communities on this list are active at the time of publishing! This list contains a variety of themes, from exclusively for women, to in-person meetups, to strictly iTunes tech support.

We encourage you to jump in and get as active in the podcasting community as possible! Enjoy!

1. Podcast Support Group – Facebook

The Podcast Support Group is a meeting place for podcasters old and new to keep in touch, swap tips, seek advice about technical stuff, interviews, or even just general podcast-related business. On weekends, the group has Weekend Wankfest where you get to share your story and get even more support. Overall, the group was created for everyone to cheer each other up through the lonely grind that podcasting sometimes and often will be. They also do face-to-face meetups, so look out for details of upcoming events or share yours if you have already set one up yourself.

Check out the group here: Podcast Support Group

2. /r/Podcasts – Reddit

The Podcasts forum is a place where podcasters can discuss equipment and get more information and details on production techniques, while also discussing promotion with other content creators. It is a place where listeners can discover new podcasts and discuss old favorites.

Check out the forum here: /r/podcasts

3. She Podcasts – Facebook

She Podcasts is a safe place for women and those who identify as female or identify as non-binary, who also happens to do a podcast! This group is also a great place for those women who are setting up a show currently to ask questions, provide support, share resources, wins, and advocate for each other. This group is meant to support podcasters and future podcasters only, so if you are not a current or potential podcaster, then this is not the group for you. You can also check the pinned posts in the groups where the group shares all kinds of goodies about starting a podcast for free as well as other super awesome information!

Check out the group here: She Podcasts

4. Podcasters – Google+

Podcasters is a group for discussing podcast topics for serious podcasters, audio and video podcasts alike! It is a community for podcasters that want help with their shows or pass information along to other aspiring podcasters.Feel free to Tweet out this community, and if you need podcast help definitely head over and talk to their Podcast Geeks and get the answers you are looking for!

Check out the group here: Podcasters

5. Podcast Community – Facebook

Podcast Community is one of the largest and most active podcasting groups on Facebook with over 10,000 members. This group is a safe place to make comments and ask questions. When it comes to conferences, expect to see promotion of Parsec Awards, Podcast Awards, Dragon*Con, Balticon, New Media Expo and any other event that has a strong podcasting track. It’s part of the reason this group was created.

Check out the group here: Podcast Community

6. Podcast Movement – Facebook

The Podcast Movement Group is a place for people who are podcasters, those looking to become a podcaster or even those who are members of the podcasting industry! The group has grown tremendously, with almost 10,000 active members. The main aim of the group is to add value to other podcasters, where strong relationships are forged where podcasters can trust each other for help when they need it.

Check out the group here: Podcast Movement

7. Podcasting Technology Resource Group – LinkedIn

The Podcasting Technology Resource Group is a group of people who have podcasts and are open to sharing their technical knowledge all about podcasting. All posts related to podcasting are welcome! Suitable topics include podcast-related content for the show, production, equipment, and hosting topics. Once you have joined the group, read some of the posts and see how you could help someone else. Look for people of value that you would like to connect with to build a stronger community together.

Check out the group here: Podcasting Technology Resource Group

8. The New York Times Podcast Club – Facebook

The New York Times Podcast Club is a community of podcast lovers who discuss one episode of one podcast every week. It is basically just like a book club for podcasts! The forum was created for conversation, analysis and spreading the love of podcasts with all of its members. Every Monday, the group posts this week’s episode for discussion and the discussion keeps up throughout the week with daily posts.

Check out the group here: The New York Times Podcast Club

9. Podcasts We Listen To – Facebook

PWLT is first, and foremost, a group for listeners by listeners. It is a place where podcast aficionados could come together and talk about the podcasts they love while learning about new podcasts, indie podcasts and connect with hosts. Podcasts We Listen To is the place to go for recommendations about podcasts of all genres, learn more about independent podcasts, new shows or shows that are “new to you.” Got a podcast you love? Join the group to talk about the…Podcasts We Listen To.

Check out the group here: Podcasts We Listen To

10. Blubrry Podcasting Community Forum – Blubrry

The Blubrry Podcasting Community Forum is a great place for all things podcasts, and more. Not only do they provide a space to talk about news within the podcast community, but they also have discussions on the latest gear as well as upcoming events and conferences. They also have boards with great tips on creating a podcast (for those just starting out), promoting your podcast once you’ve started, and even how to run your podcast as a business.

Check out the forum here: Blubrry Podcasting Community Forum

11. Podcast Growth Mastermind – Facebook

The Podcast Growth Mastermind is a group best suited for the entrepreneur, the marketer, the author and the coach who wants to hack podcasting. It is also great for those podcasters who are eager to learn how to grow your podcast, make an impact on your audience, and monetize your show. Each month the group has a specific theme, which most of the content revolves around. Questions or content that’s not directly related to the theme of the month is still welcome – as long as it follows the rules.

Check out mastermind here: Podcast Growth Mastermind

12. Apple Podcast Discussion Community – Apple

The Apple Podcast Discussion Community is focused on a basic Q&A format. You simply submit your question, which is then answered by other podcasters in the community. You are also able to scroll through the questions, and the answers can be filtered down into different categories. Questions range from all things podcast including how to change your podcast image, restarting your podcast, or even changing the country of your podcast. Within the forum there is also a search bar that allows you to readily search for your answer.

Check the forum here: Apple Podcast Discussion Community

13. Podcasters’ Hangout – Facebook

Podcasters’ Hangout is a place where podcast enthusiasts get together to talk about all things podcast. The group was created to allow for the participation of community and collaboration of Podcasters around the world. Don’t let distance separate you from creating great podcasting network for yourself – jump in and forge some amazing relationships to encourage you on your podcasting journey.

Check out the group here: Podcasters’ Hangout

14. Podcasting Meetups – is a great place to get connected all around the world. Get together with other local Podcasters and all those with an interest in Podcasting, the process of creating audio or video content and “feeding” it to their audiences. Check out the podcaster meetups near you to find out how to get connected in your area.

Check out podcasting meetups groups here: Podcasting Meetups

15. Podcast Brunch Club – Facebook

Podcast Brunch Club is a community of engaged podcast listeners. Just like book club, but for podcasts! Every month the group explores a theme by listening to 1-5 hours of podcast selections. Their online forums – on the Facebook group, Twitter, and the newsletter – are a great way to engage. Their main focus is to transcend technology and get people together in person. PBC chapters meet face-to-face and discuss that month’s selections.

Check out the club here: Podcast Brunch Club

16. #PodernFamily – Facebook

#PodernFamily is a podcast community based on the idea of helping each other grow. The group uses the #PodernFamily on pinned tweets and posts for new episodes, and also to retweet and share others who use the hashtag as well. This is a great way to check out new shows you have never heard of before, reach out and network with other shows, plan crossovers and work together toward everyone’s common growth.

Check out the family here: #PodernFamily

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