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15 of the best wedding planning podcasts for brides-to-be

15 of the Best Wedding Planning Podcasts for Brides-to-Be

Hey there, gorgeous brides-to-be! If you’re in the midst of planning your dream wedding and need a little inspo, a ton of advice, or just some light-hearted fun, we’ve got you covered. From budget tips to bridal beauty hacks, today we’re sharing 15 of the best wedding planning podcasts to help make your dream day all it should be and more! So pop in those earbuds and get ready to transform your wedding planning journey into a fun, fabulous, STRESS-FREE adventure!

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15 of the Best Wedding Planning Podcasts for Brides-to-Be

1. The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

The best wedding planning podcasts: The Big Wedding Podcast

First up in our list of some of the best wedding planning podcasts we have The Big Wedding Planning Podcast. (A very apt choice for Number 1, don’t you think?) Expert wedding planner Michelle Martinez brings her extensive experience in wedding planning to the mic in The Big Wedding Planning Podcast, offering detailed advice, real wedding stories, and expert interviews. This podcast covers everything from budgeting tips to dealing with family dynamics. Michelle is like your super-savvy wedding fairy godmother. If you’re in the thick of wedding planning, Michelle is about to become your go-to gal for all things wedding.

Take a listen here!

2. Bridechilla

Bridechilla Podcast

Bridechilla is perfect for brides who want to keep things cool and collected. Aleisha’s hilarious and honest take on wedding planning will have you laughing and stress-free. Aleisha tackles serious topics with a light-hearted twist, making wedding planning feel less overwhelming.  So if you want to ditch the wedding planning BS and stress and just want to plan the wedding that YOU want, then Aleisha is signing up as your virtual bridesmaid to help you make that dream a reality.

Listen to Bridechilla here.

3. Engage with Jamie Wolfer: Wedding Planning Podcast

Engage with Jamie Wolfer: Wedding Planning Podcast

Calling all modern brides! The next wedding planning podcast to add to your playlist is Jamie Wolfer’s “Engage with Jamie Wolfer”. Jamie brings a fresh, relatable vibe to the often stressful world of wedding planning.

On this podcast, Jamie answers real questions from engaged couples in her community. Occasionally, episodes provide a deep dive into a topic or a refresher from some popular content over on YouTube., making this podcast an absolute gem for any bride-to-be looking for authentic, actionable advice. Whether you’re just starting out or in the final countdown, Jamie’s insights will keep you calm, collected, and excited for your big day!

Listen to this podcast here.

Another great wedding planning podcast to add to your playlist is…

4. The One Fab Day Wedding Podcast

One Fab Day The Wedding Podcast

Say hello to your new wedding planning BFFs! Claire and Celina bring you “The One Fab Day Wedding Podcast,” a delightful mix of inspiration, expert advice, and real-life wedding stories. Together, they take all the information and inspiration you’re used to seeing on, and deliver them straight to your ears! These two are your ultimate guides to planning a wedding that’s both fabulous and uniquely you. They cover everything from the latest bridal trends to navigating family dynamics with charm and wit. Each episode feels like a cozy chat with your most stylish, in-the-know friends. Tune in and let Claire and Celina help you make your big day truly unforgettable!

Take a listen here.

5. The Un-Wedding Podcast

The UnWedding Podcast

Ready to break free from wedding traditions and do things your way? “The Un-Wedding Podcast” is here to help you create a wedding that’s as unique as your love story. Hosts Corina Waldie and Sydney Spidell are the rebel wedding planners,  and founders of the Un-Wedding Movement, and they’re bringing a fresh perspective to wedding planning, encouraging brides-to-be to ditch the rulebook and embrace their individuality. 

They pull back the curtain on today’s multi-billion dollar wedding industry and tell you how it is with practical advice to help you throw out the wedding rulebook, shrink your guest list and have an intentional, meaningful wedding experience.

Take a listen to another top wedding planning podcast here.

Next up, at Number 6 we have…

6. Wedding Confessionals

Wedding Confessionals

Next up in our list of some of the top wedding planning podcasts in Wedding Confessionals. Need a break from the serious stuff? Brooke and Pam share hilarious, and sometimes outrageous, wedding stories from real brides.

They also share anonymous confessionals sent in by listeners, and give level-headed and funny advice and insight to help ease the tension that comes with planning for the big day. It’s like gossiping with your besties, but with expert advice on how to handle sticky situations.

Take a listen here!

Next, take a listen to…

7. Wedding Planning Decisions, This vs That with Kelly McWilliams

This Vs That Wedding Planning Decision

Decisions, decisions! Planning a wedding involves countless choices, and Kelly McWilliams is here to help you navigate them with ease. In “Wedding Planning Decisions, This vs That,” Kelly brings her extensive experience as a wedding planner to the forefront, breaking down the pros and cons of all those critical decisions you’ll face. 

From choosing between a band or DJ to deciding on plated dinners versus buffets, Kelly’s expert insights and practical advice make it easier to weigh your options. For any bride-to-be looking to make informed, confident choices, this another of the best wedding planning podcasts out there!

Listen to the show here.

8. The Loverly Wedding Podcast

The Loverly Wedding Podcast

Ready to infuse your wedding planning with a dash of romance and a sprinkle of fun? “The Loverly Wedding Podcast,” hosted by the fabulous Kellee Khalil, is your perfect match. Kellee brings her expertise and passion for all things wedding to each episode, covering everything from the latest trends to timeless traditions. With a mix of expert interviews, real bride stories, and practical advice, this podcast is your ultimate guide to creating a wedding that’s as dreamy as it is personal. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, solutions to planning dilemmas, or just a little boost of bridal joy, Kellee’s got you covered.

Take a listen here.

Next up in our ultimate guide to the best wedding planning podcasts we have…

9. Whispers to a Bride: Emotional Insight for Your Wedding Drama

Whispers to a Bride with Kara Maureen

Step into a sanctuary of emotional support with Kara Maureen’s “Whispers to a Bride: Emotional Insight for Your Wedding Drama.” As a seasoned bridal coach and therapist, Kara Maureen brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to every episode. This podcast talks about what it means to be a bride and how it impacts your identity and your closest relationships. You will learn how to prepare mentally and emotionally not only for your wedding day but for your married life as well.

With gentle guidance and practical strategies, Kara Maureen empowers brides-to-be to navigate their emotional journey with grace and confidence.

Listen to our next recommendation of one the best wedding planning podcasts here.

Up next, we have…

10. Let’s Get You Wed! The Wedding Planning Podcast

Let's Get You Wed the Wedding Planning Podcast

Join wedding planner expert Hannah and wedding florist extraordinaire Hayley on a journey to create your dream wedding with “Let’s Get You Wed! The Wedding Planning Podcast.” Hannah (wedding planner expert) and Hayley (wedding florist extraordinaire) are here to spill the tea on the inside of wedding planning and everything that goes with it. Together, they cover everything from venue selection to floral arrangements, ensuring every detail of your special day is perfection.

Expect honest opinions, the real juice on what happens on a wedding day, with a few tips thrown in between. Making this podcast your go-to resource for a stress-free and memorable wedding journey. 

Check out the show here.

11. The Confetti Hour Podcast

The Confetti Hour Podcast

Renée, a top wedding planner, dives into all things wedding and event planning. Her insider knowledge and guest experts will keep you ahead of the curve.

So pop the bubbly and pull up a seat and enjoy this light-hearted space for wedding creatives to enjoy candid conversations, give unfiltered advice, and talk all things weddings.

Check out the podcast here.

12. Put A Ring On It

Put a Ring on It

Next up, a must-listen podcast for any bride-to-be is Put A Ring On It, hosted by the dynamic duo of Danielle Pasternak and Daniel Moyer. This wedding podcast is all about real talk and practical advice. Their no-fluff approach makes wedding planning straightforward and fun.

In the wedding world, there is a great deal of dated information prancing through the interwebs and the Put A Ring On It podcast was created to help couples navigate the modern world of weddings by knowing which rules are ok to break and why certain traditions have stood the test of time

Check out this top wedding planning podcast recommendation here.

Next, check out…

13. The Bouquet Toss

The Bouquet Toss

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter weddings and hello to a celebration that’s uniquely yours with another standout on our list of the best wedding planning podcasts, “The Bouquet Toss.” Hosted by Jessica Bishop, founder of, and her cohost Sari Mayer, this podcast is all about empowering couples to plan their wedding on their own terms.

Jessica and Sari dive into the fascinating history behind various wedding traditions and trends, offering fresh perspectives and resources to help you decide what to keep and what to toss. This isn’t about following outdated rules—it’s about creating a day that feels authentic to you. With their insightful discussions and practical advice, Jessica and Sari are your go-to guides for crafting a wedding that’s truly personal and memorable.

Take a listen here.

14. Aisle Seat

Aisle Seat Podcast

Next up, check out Aisle Seat. This podcast brings years of big day expertise straight to your ears. Alison shares her wealth of knowledge through lively and fabulous guest chats with acclaimed wedding industry professionals—think planners, floral artists, photographers, and designers. You’ll also hear from stylish celebrity friends and real-life newlyweds, offering a well-rounded perspective on wedding planning.

Whether you’re in the throes of planning your own wedding or just love the magic of matrimonial celebrations, this is another of the best wedding planning podcasts sharing all the wedding info you need and more.

Check out Aisle Seat here.

And lastly, we have…

15. NewlyWeds (Previously NearlyWeds)

Newly Weds

Finally, we couldn’t have a list of the best wedding planning podcasts and not include NewlyWeds! Hosted by the charming and hilarious duo Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo, this podcast is a delightful blend of wedding planning insights and real-life relationship adventures.

Jamie and Sophie share their own wedding planning journey with all its highs, lows, and laugh-out-loud moments. And as newly weds, the hilarity only continues! But it’s their genuine chemistry and playful banter make every episode a super fun, laugh out loud, listen. And it’s just a fun show to add to your wedding planning podcasts playlist.

Listen here!

It’s Time to Build That “Best Wedding Planning Podcasts” Playlist!

So there you have it, fabulous brides-to-be! These are 15 of the best wedding planning podcasts out there! And they are your ultimate guide to wedding planning bliss. Whether you need a laugh, some serious advice, or a bit of both, add these wedding planning podcasts to your playlist and let them help you make your big day everything you dream of and more!

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