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EP 39 Carli and Jennay

039: 100+ Podcasting Tips in 10 Minutes with Carli & Jennay

Looking for a simple quick-fire guide to help you boost your confidence as a podcaster? Look no further! In today’s episode of Business Beyond The Mic, we are joined by our resident content expert, Jennay Horn, to share our top 100+ podcasting tips in just 10 minutes!

From creating an audience avatar to planning a consistent recording schedule, adding value through show notes and transcripts, maximizing your exposure using cross-promotional material, elevating your audio with intro music, and much more, this conversation is packed with invaluable insights and actionable advice to level up your podcasting game, improve your content, and connect with your listeners. Be sure to tune in today!

Takeaways From This Episode:

Firstly, find your niche! It’s important to narrow down your podcast topic and clearly define your audience. “My podcast is for everyone,” is not clear enough. Try creating an audience avatar and then treating your podcast as a brand with a catchy name and eye-catching cover art that aligns with and appeals to that avatar.

Next, you need to get organized. From planning your episodes ahead of time to batch recording,  creating a consistent podcast schedule, and using the digital tools and resources available to you, there are so many ways to make your podcasting process as efficient as possible.

Once you’ve nailed your recording process, it’s time to streamline your content and make each episode as value-dense as possible. Avoid fluff by thoroughly researching your topics, practicing your storytelling skills, and creating episode arcs. Stay focused by sticking to a script. Add value by creating show notes. Establish brand authority by repurposing your podcast content.

To maximize your exposure, submit your podcast to as many directories and platforms as possible. Create a buzz with pre-launch content and podcast trailers and, once you’ve launched, make it easy for people to find your show using SEO. You can also provide your guests with cross-promotional material and learn how to become a great guest yourself so that you can add value to other people’s shows and grow your audience that way.

Quality is key. This starts with selecting the best tools possible, capturing the best-sounding audio, and learning to speak clearly, but it also extends to your post-production. Find a good editing software, create editing templates, and don’t neglect (royalty-free) music and sound effects. This can really elevate your audio and make for very polished episodes!

Finally, be authentic. Always be true to yourself and showcase your personality. This will help you build a relationship with your listeners. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and ask insightful questions of your guests, and make sure to engage with your audience at every opportunity. There are so many ways to build connections and grow your network, all while being your most authentic self!


“It doesn’t matter what kind of format you have, what kind of podcast you have. Storytelling skills will always elevate your content.” — Jennay Horn [0:04:53]

“Engage with your audience wherever you find them, whether it’s on social or in communities, to build that bond.” — @carlivanheerden [0:10:16]

“There are lots of podcast hosting platforms out there, but pick the one that best suits your needs.” — Jennay Horn [0:11:41]

“Remember, monetizing your podcast takes time. But keep consistently putting out high-value content, and you will get there.” — @carlivanheerden [0:12:41]

“Never stop learning. Podcasting is an incredible journey and there is always something new to learn along the way.” — @carlivanheerden [0:15:05]

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