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100 podcast tips

100 Podcast Tips in 10 Minutes: A Quick Guide to Success!

Want to maximize your podcasting game but short on time? Great news! We’ve got you covered. Welcome to our rapid-fire guide featuring 100 top podcast tips! Even better news? You can get this boost to your podcast knowledge in 10 minutes, or less!* 

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, these quick and actionable tips will help you take your podcast to the next level. In just 10 minutes, you’ll gain valuable insights into various aspects of podcasting, from content creation to promotion, and everything in between. 

So, set the stopwatch! 

(*Okay, this is only hypothetically, of course, we didn’t actually fact-check that all 100 tips would be delivered in 10 minutes. There were too many variables to consider. The speed at which people read, the possibility of distractions, the sudden need for a snack, you get the drift. But we did fact-check with 100% accuracy that there are definitely over 100 podcasting tips in this guide!)

So, again, set the (hypothetical!) stopwatch, and get ready to boost your podcasting game with over 100 podcasting tips!

Note: If you want to go deeper and know more about any of the tips featured on this list, reach out to us. We’ll be happy to share more!

Also note: These tips are in no specific order! This guide is simply a quick-fire, fun offering of our best podcasting tips.

(Over!) 100 Podcasting Tips!

  1. Know your audience and tailor your content accordingly.
  2. Before launching a podcast, clearly define your unique niche.
  3. Narrow down your topic. A broad podcast topic will not fly!
  4. Clearly define your target audience. Be as specific as you can. 
  5. Treat your podcast as a brand! This mindset will be really helpful when it comes to podcast marketing and podcast monetization!
  6. “My podcast is for everyone” is not clear enough.
  7. Come up with a catchy podcast name that reflects your content and niche.
  8. Design eye-catching cover art. Your cover art is a key way of capturing the attention of your target audience.
  9. Plan your episodes in advance to stay organized.
  10. Always put emphasis on quality over quantity.
  12. Find a publishing schedule that works for you, then stick to it! Consistency in your podcast release schedule helps build listener loyalty.
  13. There are tons of great podcasting tools and resources. Use them!
  14. Keep your podcast episodes focused by having an outline or script for each episode.
  15. Create podcast checklists or cheatsheets. 
  16. Automate processes where possible to maximize your podcasting time.
  17. Aim to make each episode as value-dense as possible.
  18. Say, “NO!” to fluff!
  19. Create an episode arc. This helps give you a great overview of your show. But it will also help ensure that your podcast sticks to and fulfills its mission. 
  20. Show notes cannot be skipped!
  21. Submit your podcast to various directories and platforms for maximum exposure.
  22. Plan a launch event. Drum up buzz around your podcast pre-launch.
  23. Always create a podcast trailer.
  24. Launch with more than one episode! (Our suggestion is to launch with at least 3 episodes!)
  25. Batch record episodes! This is a game-changer for starting a podcast as a side hustle.
  26. Always do thorough research. Whether for a solo ep or an interview, never just “wing it!” (Your audience will know!)
  27. Learn more about storytelling techniques to help you create content that’s always engaging.
  28. Learn about SEO! This will pay off in so many areas. You will then know how to optimize your show notes, eventual blog posts, episode titles, as well as your podcast promotion material.
  29. Sound quality is IMPORTANT! Your mic doesn’t have to be the best in the business. But it DOES need to produce clear, rich-sounding recordings. 
  30. Your equipment matters! Pick the right tools and you’re already winning half your battles!
  31. Find your mic’s sweet spot. This can help elevate your raw recordings.
  32. Practice your delivery. Learning to speak clearly and with good cadence will improve the quality of your episodes.
  33. You can’t fix a poor quality recording in editing. Yes, you can make it better, but bad audio is never going to sound great!
  34. Pick recording spots that give you maximum control.

Keep reading! We’ve still got tons of top podcast tips to share!

100 top podcast tips
  1. A pop filter can really help to reduce plosives and improve audio quality.
  2. Always do a test recording!
  3. Spit out your gum!
  4. Ban click pens! (Not in general, obviously. Just in the vicinity of wherever you’re doing your recording.)
  5. If you make a mistake while recording, it can be really helpful to stop, clap, and start again. The clap will cause a spike in the recording waveform, and you can easily see where those mistakes are when you’re editing. 
  6. Watch your words! Listen to your raw recordings, and pay attention to your filler words. Have you picked up some bad habits? Do you say “like” a lot? Or “you know?” When used in excess, these can be pretty annoying to your audience. Sure, you can edit out. But you can also work at eliminating these bad habits from your speech in general
  7. Create a template for your episodes. This can streamline your podcast editing process.
  8. Monitor audio levels throughout your podcast episode recording. This will help you pick up audio issues as they happen. Rather than getting through a whole episode, only to realize that there’s a weird buzz throughout your audio!
  9. Your podcast episodes needs intros and outros. Great intros and outros help complete your episode. They help orientate your audience.
  10. Don’t neglect music and sound effects. They can help elevate and polish your episodes.
  11. Be careful when it comes to music! Make sure the music you pick is royalty free, or that you have the correct copyright permissions.
  12. Master your editing software. Learn all the tips and tricks to help maximize your time.
  13. Outsource your editing! This will give you more time to create your high-quality content.
  14. Editing is important! Editing will help keep your episodes value-dense. (Remember, no fluff!)
  15. Aim to keep your episodes around the same length. You want your listeners to build your show into their schedule. Consistency is a great way to do this!
  16. Edit with your listeners in mind.
  17. Listen to your episodes. Yes, we know it’s hard to listen to your own voice, but this is a great practice for improving your podcasting skills. 
  18. Ask people you trust for feedback and constructive criticism. 
  19. Always be true to yourself. Showcase your personality. This helps your listeners develop a genuine connection to you as podcast host.
  20. Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability and authenticity. This is another way to strengthen bonds between you and your loyal listeners.
  21. For interviews, prepare thoroughly so you can ask insightful questions.
  22. Give your guests a copy of your questions. If they have time to prepare, they can give your audience their best.
  23. Always ask open-ended questions to encourage in-depth responses.
  24. Avoid questions that would likely yield “yes” or “no” as responses.
  25. Develop active listening skills!
  26. Show up early to interview recordings! Make sure everything is good to go before your guest shows up.
  27. Always use separate tracks to record interviews or co-hosts.
  28. Record remote interviews with reliable recording software.
  29. Follow up interviews with a thank-you email. Aim to maintain and nurture these kinds of connections.
  30. Provide your guests with promotional materials for their episode.
  31. Attend podcast events and podcast conferences to network and find potential guests.
  32. Your podcast needs a marketing strategy.

This is it! The final stretch of our top podcast tips!

  1. Utilize the power of social media to promote and grow your podcast!
  2. Audiograms are a great way to share bite-size pieces of your amazing content.
  3. Use consistent branding across all podcast platforms.
  4. Engage with your audience on social media to build a community.
  5. Collaborate with other podcasters to cross-promote each other’s shows.
  6. Creating a podcast website is a good move to showcase your podcast and provide additional content.
  7. Utilize SEO techniques in episode titles and descriptions for better discoverability.
  8. Create opportunities to engage with your audience. Use CTA’s to encourage listener feedback, and use your social media interact with your listeners.
  9. Never neglect your audience.
  10. Listener surveys can be really useful in understanding your audience.
  11. Host meetups or live events to engage with your audience in real-time.
  12. Don’t be afraid to ask for ratings and reviews. But use that listener feedback to continuously improve your podcast.
  13. Collaborate with influencers and thought leaders in your niche for cross-promotion opportunities.
  14. Join podcasting communities and forums to share experiences and tips.
  15. Leverage email marketing to grow your podcast.
  16. Submit your podcast to different podcast awards and competitions to grow your podcast presence and authority.
  17. Pick a podcast hosting platform that offers you all that you need
  18. Don’t rely on analytics to gauge success, but use your podcast analytics and stats to keep improving your show.
  19. Make it easy for listeners to find your show. Add links to your bio, your pinned Tweet. Add links to your newsletter, or optimize your podcast website to allow listeners to listen immediately.
  20. Sign up to podcast newsletters to stay up-to-date with the latest podcasting trends and technologies for continued growth.
  21. Look for guest appearance opportunities! This is a great way to grow your audience and increase your authority!
  22. Learn how to be a great podcast guest! Add genuine value to someone else’s show, and you’ll keep landing great guest spots.
  23. Take podcast courses to consistently improve your podcasting skills.
  24. Successful podcast monetization takes time. Keep consistently creating valuable content, and you’ll get there!
  25. Always pick affiliate partners or sponsors that appeal to your target audience.
  26. We have a great affiliate partner program! Check it out here!
  27. Always pick ad sponsors, or brand partners that align with your values.
  28. Repurpose your podcast content! This is a clever way to easily boost your online presence and your authority.
  29. Communicate with your audience. If you’re taking a break, tell your audience. If you’re changing your episode segments, tell your audience. If you’re rebranding, tell your audience. You get the picture.
  30. Strive to make your podcast more accessible to more people. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it also broadens your target audience.
  31. Paid content can be a great way to monetize when you have a strong base of loyal listeners.
  32. Podcast merch is a fun way to monetize your podcast, but also bring more brand awareness to your show.
  33. Always celebrate your wins and milestones! These are important achievements, no matter how small. They also serve as great motivators on your podcasting journey.
  34. Join or build a community of fellow podcasters. When podcast fatigue starts to set in, or you feel unmotivated, your podcast circle can encourage you, uplift you, and support you.
  35. Self-care for podcast hosts is important, too!
  36. It’s okay to take a podcast break. BUT it has to be done right!
  37. Don’t get into podcasting if you’re looking for a way to make a quick buck. Podcasting is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme!
  38. Interview hosts! Don’t interrupt your guests!
  39. When it’s not your turn in the metaphoric limelight, mute your mic!
  40. Follow the podcasting greats! Learn from those who have gone before you!
  41. Don’t overcrowd with ads! Podcast ads are a great way to monetize, but be strategic! Space those ads out! (And again, make sure they align to your target audience!)
  42. And finally, never stop learning! Podcasting is an incredible journey, and there’s always something new you can learn along the way.


And there you go! As promised! Over 100 podcasting tips (In more or less 10 minutes? But with so many great podcasting tips, who’s watching the clock, right?) Armed with this treasure trove of insights, you’re well on your way to leveling up your podcasting game. Remember, consistency, passion, and dedication are the keys to creating a successful podcast. Keep consistent, keep learning, keep connecting with your audience, and keep checking out The Podcast Digest, and there’ll be no stopping you!

Want to delve deeper into any of our top tips? Reach out to us!

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