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10 unique podcast topics to help your show stand out

10 Unique Podcast Topics to Make Your Show Stand Out

In today’s podcasting landscape, where content creation is booming and listeners have more options than ever before, finding unique podcast topics are essential when it comes to capturing and retaining an audience. While popular podcast genres like true crime, self-improvement, and interviews continue to dominate (and we’re definitely not suggesting you can’t start a podcast in popular categories if that’s your passion!) there’s a world of untapped potential in exploring lesser-known topics.

Starting a podcast in one of these categories could help set your podcast apart from the masses. And we know the title says 10, but we got so carried away, we came up with 12 options for good podcast topics! So, in this post, we’ll delve into 10 12 unique podcast topics that are sure to make your podcast stand out from the crowd.

Use these 12 topic ideas to spark your creativity, pick a good podcast topic for your show, and help you stand out in the world of podcasting.

12 Examples of Unique Podcast Topics

1. Mythology 

unique podcast topics

Mythology, by definition, is a mystical topic. And mystical usually equals serious intrigue! Which is a great ingredient when you’re on the hunt for good podcast topics! If you’re fascinated by the intersection between history and storytelling, mythology could very well be your podcast niche! Delve into the captivating world of mythology and explore lesser-known stories from various cultures. From the origins of mythical creatures to the hidden symbolism behind well-known legends, this topic combines history, folklore, and mystery.

What makes mythology a really good podcast topic is that almost every culture has some type of mythology. Sure, we may be most familiar with the mythology of Ancient Greece. But there are actually over a hundred different world mythologies for you to discover. Meaning that you can carve out your own niche within the category.

2. Unusual Culinary Adventures


Are you a passionate foodie? Do you love going on culinary adventures? Then a food-focused podcast topic could be a great pick for you. Yes, foodie podcasts are on the rise, but this is still definitely an unsaturated category. You could hone in on your niche even further by focusing on exploring exotic and bizarre foods! 

You could appeal to food enthusiasts by spotlighting lesser-known culinary treasures from around the globe. You could dive into the world of bizarre and exotic dishes, sharing stories of their creation, and cultural significance, and you could even interview those who prepare and enjoy them. There is great scope for podcasts in this niche, so if you love food, and want to get into podcasting, let this idea fire up your creative juices.

3. A Study in Curiosity

good podcast topics

Stop Number 3 in our exploration of good podcast topics for you to venture into is curiosity.

What do I mean? 

Did I pique your curiosity?

Then that’s exactly why this next topic is such a great podcast topic idea! Because curiosity is a powerful feeling! And “curiosity” as a topic is super wide! So you can really get creative and find your own specific angle of curiosity. 

You could investigate unconventional hobbies and unusual passion projects. Or interview individuals who have turned unique hobbies into businesses. Or you could apply your curiosity to everyday things, and investigate the curious in the ordinary.

You could also explore the science behind everyday phenomena, from the physics of cooking to the chemistry of cleaning products, or how and why we make friends and form different connections with people.

So many things to be curious about! So many great podcast topic options!

4. Travel To Lesser-Known Destinations 

Next up, another great podcast topic to explore is the travel podcast. But specifically, travel to lesser-known destinations. Do you live somewhere off the beaten track? Have you been to some unusual countries, cities, or towns? Use this as the basis of your podcast topic.

You can then use your podcast to transport listeners to these less-than-usual travel destinations that often escape the typical tourist radar. Share experiences, cultural insights, and insider tips for exploring hidden gems around the world. This could be the perfect podcast topic to help your show stand out from the crowd.

5. Environmental Focus

More and more, we’re sitting up and taking notice of the environmental issues facing our planet. And we’re also becoming more and more aware of the part we can play to improve our own environment. You could address the need to know more about what we can do for our environment by launching a podcast with an environmental focus.

You could dive into lesser-known environmental stories, from grassroots conservation efforts to surprising ecological discoveries. Or you could showcase the individuals and communities making a positive impact on our planet. The reason this could work as a topic that helps your podcast stand out from the crowd is because there are so many facets of environmental conservation that you could focus on. And so many different angles that could then become your niche. Are you a college student, a digital nomad, or a stay-at-home mom? All of these would be unique lenses through which you could explore environmental issues.

6. Sleep, Dreams, and Nightmares 

Another really good podcast topic to consider would be one that focuses on nocturnal activities such as sleep, dreams, or even nightmares. First up, studies into sleep are becoming more and more common. And in a society that tends to wear a lack of sleep like a badge of honor (seriously, why do we do this?!), a podcast on the topic of the importance of sleep would be very timely.

But you could also dive into the more abstract angle of sleep and focus your podcast topic on dreams…or nightmares, if you’re that way inclined!

Dreams fascinate people. And so a podcast on the topic would likely have a really great reception. You could analyze the realm of dreams, delving into their meanings, and cultural interpretations, or even dig into why we dream. Or you could share personal dream stories (I used to have a recurring dream that was set during the Civil War. I have no idea why!) (And there’s also that one where my teeth fall out or explode. That would be in the nightmare category.) or those of your circle. Or you could seek different experts’ insights into dream theory. 

I’m intrigued already!

7. Linguistic Oddities and Language Evolution 

Next up, you could consider a topic in the realm of linguistics or language. Language-focused or linguistic-based podcasts are not in overabundance, but logophiles (word lovers, just in case, ya know) are always on the hunt for podcasts with this type of focus. And if you’re a fellow logophile, you know what I mean!

Again, this is a narrow topic, but offers a wide variety in terms of a niche. You could uncover the quirks and idiosyncrasies of languages around the world. Explore words that are untranslatable, linguistic mysteries, or how language shapes cultures. You could cover words that go in and out of fashion, or trace the origins of slang and how it is absorbed into our everyday speech. Whatever you choose, this is another undersaturated podcast topic with a well-defined target audience. Key ingredients for any successful podcast!

8. A Study of Joy and Happiness

Want to know what there’s a shortage of today? Joy and happiness. Want to know how you can fix that? Start a podcast!

We’re all hungry for more joy! We’re bombarded with bad news and sad stories all the time. And while we can’t turn a blind eye to the realities of the world, we can improve our dopamine levels by focusing a little more on cultivating joy and happiness in our daily lives. Which is why this would be a really good podcast topic! Yes, true-crime podcasts are a dime a dozen, and arguably one of the most popular podcast categories. But I would be willing to bet that there would be just as high a demand for podcasts that sprinkle some joy into our lives via our ears!

There are also all sorts of angles your study of joy and happiness could take. You could use your podcast to explore the concept of happiness throughout history and across cultures. Or uncover lesser-known practices, rituals, and philosophies that have shaped humanity’s pursuit of joy and contentment. The great news is that the more you dig into joy and happiness, the more you’ll discover that there are plenty of facets you could focus on for your podcast.

9. The Art of Failing Forward

We all love the hero’s journey, right? We love the stories of triumph, of good winning over evil, and people overcoming supposed insurmountable odds to achieve success. What we don’t like quite as much is failure.

For many, particularly in today’s society, that’s a major F-word! But failure is actually a natural part of life. And more and more, we’re seeing people becoming more comfortable with sharing their experiences with failure.

Get out in front of this movement by starting a podcast all about failure!

You could interview individuals who’ve embraced failure as a stepping stone to success. Or share stories, whether your own or other people, past or present, of unconventional paths, unexpected setbacks, and the lessons learned along the way.

10. The Forgotten or Underappreciated 

Okay, so we get that the above sounds like a very broad podcast topic. But that’s actually what makes it such a great option when you’re looking for a podcast topic to help you stand out from the crowd. But just what do we mean by forgotten or underappreciated? Well, this really could be anything. But we will give you three examples.

Your podcast topic could focus on:

Unsung Champions of History

You could page back in the history books and highlight the remarkable achievements of individuals who have been overshadowed by history’s more famous figures. Unearth the stories of lesser-known heroes, scientists, activists, and artists who have left an indelible mark on the world, but who haven’t quite received the recognition others have enjoyed.

Stories of Obscure Artists

Your podcast topic could focus on stories of obscure artists. Your podcast could celebrate the lesser-known artists, painters, sculptors, and creators who made great contributions to the art world. But again, who are less famous than their famous counterparts. You could dive into their inspirations, struggles, and the unique perspectives they bring to their craft.

Forgotten Books, Films, and Artworks

Are there books, series, or films that you feel didn’t get the recognition and accolades they deserve? (I know I have a whole collection of these!)

Turn that indignation into a great podcast topic! 

Shed light on overlooked and underappreciated books, films, artworks, and other creative endeavors that deserve a second look.

You could also interview others who have their own lists of this nature! (BTW, I’d totally be down to share my list, if you – whoever you are – decide to launch such a podcast. Just putting it out there!)

11. Nostalgia

Next up, a good podcast topic to help your show stand out is nostalgia. Nostalgia has a powerful ability to transport us back in time, and evoke a sense of warmth, and familiarity that resonates across generations. It is a powerful emotion! And this means it could be an incredible topic for a podcast!

Exploring the depths of nostalgia in a podcast can be a captivating journey, allowing listeners to relive cherished memories, cultural touchpoints, and significant moments that have shaped their lives. 

It’s a podcast topic that would invite listeners to rekindle their own personal histories while discovering shared narratives that bond people together. 

Nostalgia is also very specific to each generation, so it’s a podcast topic that would have a very strong target audience built in. No matter what generation you’re a part of or the area of nostalgia you choose to focus on, you’ll already be able to connect with a large group of loyal listeners.

12. Anything for Kids

And finally, the last great topic idea for a podcast is any podcast created for kids. 

Why, you ask?

Well, now more than ever, the next generation is becoming avid podcast listeners. According to the kids podcast listener report that was published in July of this year, 29% of U.S. kids aged 6-12 years listen to podcasts monthly.

And in our humble opinion, this means that there is so much potential for podcasters to create amazing podcasts specifically for young listeners. And this also means that you can look at a very wide variety of potential topics, that you can then adjust and cater to suit a younger audience. And so through this lens, you can pick a topic that is technically saturated for older audiences, because you’ll be focusing on a totally different target audience.

Inspired to launch a kids podcast? Check out this post for our top tips: Podcasts for Kids: How to Create Engaging and Educational Content.

To Conclude

In a sea of podcasts, between 3 to 4 million podcasts to be exact (although the number of active podcasts is closer to 700,000, that’s still a very large sea!), it’s the unconventional and untapped topics that will help your show truly stand out. In short, a good podcast starts with an idea of a good podcast topic. And these unique podcast topics have the potential to captivate, inspire, and forge a loyal listener base. 

But remember, the key to a successful podcast lies not only in the uniqueness of your topic but also in your passion and ability to engage your audience. Whichever topic you choose, infuse it with your authentic voice, create highly-valuable content that is engaging, informative, and enjoyable for your listeners, and keep consistent, and you’ll be on the road to podcast success.

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