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10 Podcasting Infographics to Help you Maximize your Show

Podcasting has evolved over the years with the ability to get in on a lower scale than having to spend thousands of dollars on quality equipment. You can now purchase a microphone for $70 and it gives the average user the quality that a higher-end microphone would.

I’ve compiled a few infographics below on podcasting that will help you maximize your show. Each person’s requirements are different, but the end goals are mostly the same…people are going after reach.

See whether any of the infographics can teach you a thing or two. If you have an infographic that would be a good fit for this page, let me know and I’ll review it. Enjoy.

21 Tips to Maximise Your Podcasting Results

Make Your Podcast Sticky


Tim Ferriss on Efficiency


19 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast


The Rise of Podcasts as Business Education


Ultimate Media Interview Checklist


Ways of Finding the Best Microphone for your Voice


Why Podcasting is Primed for Mobile Learning


Compelling Content Creation


The Science of Storytelling


I hope you enjoyed the infographics, let me know whether there are any others that I can add to this list. Have a good day.

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