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podcast predictions 2024

10 Exciting Podcast Predictions and Trends for 2024

It’s time for one of our favorite posts of the year. (Okay, I say that a lot – but what can I say? I get to write some pretty fun posts! Now back to the post!) Because it’s time to share our podcast predictions and trends for 2024!

We’ve looked into the podcasting crystal ball to find out what’s in and what’s out when it comes to the podcasting space in 2024! And so, of course, we’re sharing our findings with you! 

Check out our top podcast predictions and trends as we share what we think 2024 has in store for podcasting!

10 Exciting Podcast Predictions and Trends for 2024

1. A Greater Lean Into Video

We Edit Podcasts podcast predictions 2024 video podcasts

In 2023, it was evident that video podcasts were on the rise. We saw all sorts of reports last year showing that YouTube was edging out all other platforms when it came to platforms for podcast listening. And we totally expect that to continue this year. And so our podcast prediction is that more and more podcasters will start to add video to their content. And as YouTube now lets Creators upload podcasts via RSS feed, there will definitely be a greater lean into video when it comes to podcasts. 

Now, we’re definitely not saying everyone should start a video podcast. But we do think it will be important for podcasters to find ways to incorporate video elements into their content offering.

Want to explore video but don’t know where to start? We can help! Check out our 10 Ways to Incorporate Video with Your Podcast and you’ll be all set!

2. More Additions to Categories

This is a personal podcast prediction (aka – biggest podcast wish!)…more additions to the current podcast categories. 


I’ll give you an example.

If you were to ask me what my favorite type of podcasts are, I’m going to have to say true crime. HOWEVER! I’m NOT a murder podcast girlie! Give me the true stories of cults and scams!

But these currently fall under True Crime. So I’ve got to wade through all the myriad of murder podcasts (no shade to all who love those, they’re just not good for me and my overactive imagination!) to find what I’m looking for. 

As the podcasting space grows and matures, subcategories are emerging and gaining momentum. And so personally, I’d love to the current categories reflect this. Podcast discovery is tough as it is, new categories will go a long way to fixing that!

*Side-note: I also LOVE organizing things into categories! And so if the podcasting powers that be ever want a complete podcast nerd to help them roll out new categories, I hereby volunteer as tribute.

3. More Podcasters Will Embrace Content Repurposing

Next up in our list of podcast predictions for 2024 we’re looking at podcast marketing strategies. In 2024, we anticipate many more podcasters will turn to content repurposing strategies.

Content repurposing in general is having its well-deserved moment. And long may it last! Because we believe that finding ways to repurpose your content is a powerful strategy that allows content creators to leverage their existing assets to reach broader audiences. It’s really all about maximizing the amount of output you get from your input.

All types of creators do it, and we think that 2024 is the year more podcasters start to lean into it, too.

And if you’re a podcaster looking to work smarter, not harder, and take all their amazing podcast content and give it really long legs so you can expand your reach and grow your podcast community, have we got something for you!

We Edit Podcast Resource 50 Genius Ways to Repurpose Podcast Content

We recently created an incredible free resource, our 50 Genius Ways to Repurpose Your Podcast Content. It’s got all the reasons why content repurposing should be part of any podcaster’s marketing strategy, as well as sharing the 50 ways podcast content can be repurposed.

And all you need to do to get it is sign up to our weekly newsletter, The Podcast Playbook!

4. A Rise In Branded Podcasts

Next up, we also predict that we will see a rise in branded podcasts in 2024. Branded podcasts are those shows created by brands, businesses, or companies, and we’ve seen a surge in these over the past couple of months. And we predict we’ll see that continue as more and more brand see the value in having their own show.

Branded podcasts are an incredible marketing strategy for brands, and we think more and more brands are going to realize this. Podcasts offer the unique ability to really connect a host with an audience. We know this already. But when you can get that connection to your brand via a branded podcast, that’s gold for businesses. 

If brands can find the right angle and niche for their show, a branded podcast is a fantastic way to build a buzzing community around your brand.

Need help launching your branded podcast? We can help! Check out all the launch packages we have on offer, then set up a free call with one of our team! We’d love to connect with you!

5. More AI Presence in the Podcasting Space

In at Number 5 for our podcast predictions for 2024 is AI. We’re living in the Age of AI, so we don’t really need to have that podcasting crystal ball to know that it will have an impact on the podcasting space, as it will in almost every industry.

But this prediction is a bit of mixed-bag, and we believe that AI’s impact on podcasting will be multi-faceted. While we do think we will see it have a presence in various aspects of the podcast process, we don’t think it’s all sunshine and roses. 

Don’t get me wrong. AI is incredible. And where you can use it to speed up or streamline your process, it’s great.

But we also want to predict that podcasters and creators in general will wield AI as a tool, and not let its version of whatever be the final version. You can never replace that magic touch a passionate person brings to something. Be that your podcast editing, your social media captions, your blog posts, or even your podcast scripts.

6. “Something” Because of Joe Rogan

Okay, so our podcasting crystal ball is a little fuzzy on this one. But all we know is that “something” will happen to the podcasting space because of Joe Rogan this year!

Why do we think that?

Well, Joe Rogan’s deal with Spotify comes to an end this year. And as of yet, mums the word on what he’ll do next. Does he sign another exclusive contract with Spotify? If so, that would indicated that Spotify is still keen on podcasting and still keen on exclusivity. 

But if he chooses to take his show elsewhere, there’ll be a ripple effect in the realm of podcasting, too. If Spotify doesn’t offer him a deal, does that mean the platform’s initial fire for podcasting is growing dim? Does he go independent? Does he sign with another company? And what could that mean?

Who knows? We told you, fuzzy!

7. A Tipping Point for Podcast Ads

podcast predictions and trends 2024

This is another two-sided podcast prediction. On the one side, we do predict that podcast ads will still be a fantastic way for podcasters to monetize their shows. And all the signs point to the fact that this upward trajectory will continue. The revenue of podcast advertising is suspected to reach US$4.02 bn by 2024.

And for the podcasting space as a whole, this is amazing.

However, there is a danger here and podcasters need to play their cards right when it comes to how they’re placing ads in their content.

Just recently, I’ve been a part of a number of conversations about our favorite podcasts (as you do) and one thing that kept on popping up in the conversation was how the amount of podcast ads per episode doubled or even tripled this past year! In some cases, the same 90 second ad played three times in an episode! If both the brands doing the advertising and the podcast hosts want to keep the engagement of their audience, they’re going to have to negotiate their sponsorship deals so that they actually yield results. Otherwise listeners are either going to be skipping all ads all together, or worse, they’ll start unsubscribing. And if that happens, everyone loses.

So, we predict podcasters and marketers are going to have to work closely together in 2024 so that everyone wins from these deals.

8. More Podcasts in Pop Culture

Again, this is a personal podcast wish prediction! But I love seeing podcasts and podcasting making appearances in films and series, as a ‘character’ or part of the plot!

Only Murders in the Building, Karen Pirie, and the film Vengeance are top examples that spring to mind!

These shows did such a great job at using podcasts as part of the medium for telling their story (I know, very meta!) as well as parodying podcasting so perfectly in their own way. I loved them all and I’m here for more in 2024! (Please!)

9. A Rise in Live Podcasting Events 

Next up in this list of our top podcast predictions and trends for 2024, we also predict we’ll see a rise in live podcasting events. We really felt the pull towards all types of live podcasting last year. It seems like “live” was on everybody’s lips. And so many shared that trying live events or live podcasting was one of their goals for 2024.

Who knows, you may even see us doing some super cool live events in the not-too-distant-future, so stay tuned!

10. More Podcasts!

And finally the last of our podcast predictions for 2024, (and this should come as no surprise!) we predict that the number of podcasts worldwide will continue to grow as more and more people become podcasters! There is plenty of space in the podcast sphere for more podcasts. So if you’re looking to make 2024 be the year your podcast idea moves from your mind to the real world, do it!

And if you’re not sure where to start, We Edit Podcasts can help! Simply check out our How to Launch Your Podcast series (the courses are FREE, just btw!) and you’ll be all set!

What Does the Podcasting Future Hold?

And that’s it for this year’s edition of the We Edit Podcasts’ Podcast Predictions and Trends for 2024! 

Will they happen or won’t they? We’ll just have to see…

*Disclaimer: The podcast predictions and trends shared on this post are merely opinions and hopes, and are by no means intended to be taken as fact.

There is no podcasting crystal ball…yet.

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