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10 Best Podcasting Tips for the Entrepreneur

We know that entrepreneurs have to wear many hats. You are the CEO, the salesperson, the marketing team, and so much more. You do everything you have to do to make your vision become reality. And then you do everything you have to make that vision work.

And one of the biggest tasks on your already crowded “to-do” list is to build your brand and get your name out there. You have to find new and innovative ways to reach your target market, promote your brand and your product, and you have to do it in a way that resonates with them.

One really great way to do all of the above and so much more is to start a podcast! Podcasts are a great asset for entrepreneurs for several reasons. But right at the top of that list is that a podcast can provide a great platform for the entrepreneur to share their story, their vision, and their brand with the world.

But like we said at the beginning, as an entrepreneur, you’re already wearing so many hats. Will you be able to throw ‘Podcaster’ in the mix?

YES! Especially if you’ve got us in your corner!

Remember, podcasting is not easy…

However, we will be honest and say it won’t be easy. Running a successful podcast that fulfills your required objectives is not easy. And anyone who tells you otherwise is simply not telling you the truth!

And running a podcast as an entrepreneur adds another layer of difficulty, as you’re relying on your podcast to fulfill very specific objectives. You’re not after big download numbers (although that is part of it), you’re looking for your podcast to convert listeners into customers and brand followers.

And this is no mean feat.


There are definitely hacks to make it easier! And those we can definitely help you with! And because we know that as an entrepreneur, you are already stretched thin, we’ve put together a list of our top ten podcasting tips and hacks for entrepreneurs on their podcasting journey.

Check these out!

1. Figure out your niche and target audience

Okay, so this is our first tip for anyone starting a podcast. (We say “tip” but really, this should read “Non-negotiable”.) A podcast cannot be successful unless the creator has a clear understanding of their niche and the target audience they’re looking to reach.

But this is particularly important for the entrepreneur because you’re using your podcast to promote your brand and grow your business. And that means A) a clear, honed vision of your target audience, and the niche within your industry that your brand is aiming to fill. But specifically in terms of your podcast, it means B) a clear vision of your podcast’s niche and its target audience.

When you first entered into “entrepreneur” territory, and as you developed your brand and your products/services/etc., you would have done a lot of the groundwork in this area. Level 1 of Entrepreneurship is usually all about defining your target audience. So, you would have a lot of this information memorized by now!

But when it comes to launching your podcast, you do need to go over this again and see how it translates when thinking about the intersection between “your target audience” and “podcast listener”.

2. Produce high-quality content consistently

Again, this is something we tell every new podcaster. But again, there’s an added level of necessity when it comes to entrepreneurs looking to use their podcast to grow and promote their brand.

When someone starts a podcast, it’s usually because they have a specific idea in mind. They want to talk about their favorite tv show, interview guests on a particular topic, or share their knowledge on a niche subject. And in order for their podcast to do well, they need to consistently craft high-quality episodes packed with high-quality content. This is a given for any podcaster looking to find long-term success with their show.

Entrepreneurs must do the same! High-quality content is another non-negotiable.

But once again, there’s another facet they need to carefully consider. And that is the purpose of their content. Because in terms of an entrepreneur’s podcast, the purpose is linked to the quality.

For example, you may know your brand’s niche and target audience, and have honed on the intersection between your target market and podcast listeners.


But now, what type of content will meet the needs of your target audience and fulfill your podcast’s purpose? Yes, you want your podcast to promote your brand. But your episodes cannot just be you punting your products! No one is going to be tuning in for that!

Rather, when it comes to high-quality content, you have to find an angle that both promotes your brand and adds value to an audience. You have to find a content angle that keeps listeners coming back episode after episode and helps promote your brand identity.

Find this, entrepreneur, and you have found gold in terms of using a podcast to grow and promote your brand.

3. Capitalize on your intro and outro


Now, let’s take a look at the often-forgotten but underappreciated podcast real estate! Your intro and outro! Yes, they’re standard features on almost every podcast (if your podcast doesn’t have either of the above – I think we need to talk…) BUT for the entrepreneur and their branded podcast, they are particularly important!


Let’s talk about the intro first. Your podcast intro is the first thing listeners will hear when they tune into your show. It’s their very first impression of you and your podcast! And while you want it to be engaging, entertaining, and informative, above all else, you want it to be on brand!

Your intro is a chance for you to really hone in on your elevator pitch. Use it to let listeners know exactly who you are, what your brand is all about, and what your podcast can offer them. Make it undeniably identifiable as you, and even your intro will help promote your brand.

Now, let’s talk about your outro. Again, most shows have this in some shape or form. Your outro is usually where you wrap things up, but – and this is key for the entrepreneur and their podcast – your outro is where you will place your call to action.

And so your outro is where you can convert your listener into customer and loyal brand follower. Meaning an outro should be super important to the entrepreneur!

But outros can be tricky! Especially if listeners are in the habit of skipping to the next episode as soon as “the real content” is over. So entrepreneurs have to work extra hard and think outside the box to make their outros something to stick around for!

Check out this post specially focused on effective outros to help get those creative ideas flowing! What to Include in an Effective Podcast Outro

4. Create a strong branding strategy

Okay, so no doubt as you prepared to launch your business venture, you spent a lot of time coming up with your brand identity. You’ve got your logo, your brand colors and fonts, and all the other creative elements that define your brand and make it stand out from the crowd.

Now, if you want your podcast to help you grow your brand, it has to look like an extension of your brand. And just as your business needed a brand strategy, so it is imperative that your podcast has a strong brand strategy if it is going to fulfill its objectives.

This means paying attention to things like your podcast artwork, any social media promotion you’re using for your show (we’ll cover that more in a bit), and even elements like your episode titles and your show notes. These ALL need to be on brand!

An entrepreneur’s podcast will be successful if it encompasses all that their brand stands for and promotes. And if it helps cement their brand in the minds of their followers, and in this case, their listeners.

So make sure you pay attention to these seemingly small aspects of your podcast! They need to be on brand!

5. Use social media to promote your podcast

Okay, now let’s look at promoting your podcast. Your business and brand likely have a marketing strategy that relies heavily on social media.

And as an extension of your brand, your podcast should also have a social media presence. After all, social media is a powerful tool that can help you reach new audiences and grow your podcast following. And as your podcast audience grows, so should your customers and brand community!

So, it is in you and your brand’s best interest to use social media to effectively promote your podcast.

We’ve got tons of content that helps podcast hosts promote their podcast on social media, and these will also work for the entrepreneur podcaster. Take a look at this post as a starting point.

Just remember to keep your podcast promotion content on brand, and you’re all set!

6. Ace your interviews

If you’re not going to be hosting interviews on your podcast, then feel free to jump past this point.

But if you are going to be going toe-to-toe with guests on your branded podcast, then we’ve got some tips for you, entrepreneur!

Look for guests that will resonate with your target audience. And specifically, look for guests whose target audience is your target audience! Because then by tuning into your podcast to hear your guest, you have a high chance of winning over new brand followers!

You should also use your interviews as a chance to showcase your niche/subject/topic authority. NOT by showing off in front of your guests! (Please don’t do that! It will be exceptionally cringey for your listeners, not to mention for your guest!) But by asking insightful questions that allow your guests to shine!

Allowing your guest to really shine reflects so well on you, as the host! And it will cement your place as a confident authority in your niche! So take the time to hone your questions and pack your interviews with value for your listeners! And each interview will be a building block as you build your brand.

7. Nail guest appearances

Next podcast tip for entrepreneurs? When the tables turn and you’re on the other end of those interview questions, nail those guest appearances!


By always being prepared for every interview you get to take part in! Never just “wing it”! Over prepare! Study up on your subject, and prepare answers beforehand so that the listeners get you at your best.

Remember, each guest spot is an opportunity to convert listeners into supporters of your brand. If you’ve been strategic about which other podcasts you approach for guest spots, or which opportunities you say yes to, then the audience of those shows should overlap with your target audience.

This means that each guest appearance is a chance to grow your community, strengthen your brand identity, and raise more interest in your business, so don’t waste these!

8. Take advantage of SEO tactics

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of SEO. You’ve made sure your website pops when it comes to search engine optimization, now make sure your podcast does the same!

Take advantage of SEO tactics when it comes to specific elements of your podcast.

Be clever with your episode titles and your show notes and include those keywords you want your brand to rank for. And use those keywords strategically in your podcast and episode descriptions. This will be another way your podcast can help you boost your brand and grow your following.

If your podcast consistently shows up when people are searching for whatever it is you’re offering, it’s fulfilling its purpose of bringing new eyes to your brand and building your community.

And by being a consistent result when it comes to internet searches can help bolster your brand awareness and bring a sense of authority to your brand. This is key to helping your business grow and thrive!

9. Consistency is key

Tip Number 9! If you’re going to start a podcast as an entrepreneur as a way to build your brand, then you have to commit! You need to be consistent with your release schedule and make sure each episode is high-quality, informative, and engaging.

Again, this is advice we give to all podcast hosts, but it certainly applies to the entrepreneur podcaster! After all, you’re using your podcast as a way to build your brand and grow your business. And this can only happen if you’re consistently putting out new, engaging, high-quality, on-brand content!

Putting out high-quality episodes on a regular schedule also helps build brand trust, which is another hallmark of businesses and brands that go the distance. So our best advice is to find a schedule that works for you – one that allows you to consistently produce high-quality episodes jam-packed with valuable content – and stick to it!

10. Podcasting = Networking Opportunity!

And finally, Tip Number 10: Remember that your podcast is an incredible networking opportunity! As an entrepreneur, you know that part of making your vision work is building a network. And your podcast is an excellent opportunity to do that!

Your podcast can be an excellent platform from which you build relationships with potential customers, partners, and investors.

So with each guest you have on your show, each guest spot you sign up for, or each review you respond to remember that it’s an opportuntiy to foster a relationship. These relationships may lead to greater opportunities in the future, to business collabs or partnerships, but they could also lead to a great support network. You may meet people who will encourage you, mentor you, and cheer you on along the way. And you can do the same for them.

Remember, part of the reason we love podcasts so much is because of the incredible bonds that can form between host and listener, and between fellow hosts on the same journey as you. But if nurtured genuinely, can be even more beneficial to the entrepreneur!

In Conclusion

A podcast is a great way for the budding entrepreneur to carve out their space and begin to make a name for themselves in their industry. Podcasts give you an incredible platform to tell your story, share your brand vision and mission, and share your knowledge and expertise.

They can also present fantastic networking opportunities and can open doors for you to really get your name and brand out there.

But perhaps most importantly, because of the relationship that develops between host and listener, a podcast can give the entrepreneur an opportunity to connect with their target audience that is unmatched in any other medium.

So, if you’re thinking of starting a podcast as an entrepreneur, let this be the guide that helps set you up for success!

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