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EP 24 Kirsten Screen

024: Run Your Podcast like a CEO with Kirsten Screen

What would it look like to truly take charge of every aspect of your podcast? During this episode, we welcome an entrepreneur who has taken several businesses from zero to seven figures, both alone and alongside her husband. Kirsten Screen is a Registered Dietician turned Coach speaking on and mentoring other female entrepreneurs on taking the leap and scaling their dream enterprises. As host of The Embodied CEO Podcast, she empowers female solopreneurs to step into their power and not just demand a seat at someone else’s table but set up their own.

Tuning in, you’ll hear all about Kirsten’s journey to podcasting, from overcoming fears to starting out with a co-host before running the show alone, and more! Kirsten offers a powerful reminder that we are the CEOs of our own lives and urges us to take control and make the necessary changes to every area of our lives, whether it’s through delegation, overcoming our fears, or embracing the inevitable changes that come with being human. 

Takeaways From This Episode:

Life changes all the time, so why shouldn’t your podcast? As Kirsten’s focus began to shift, so did the content of the conversations on her podcast. What started as a podcast for dieticians has evolved into a conversation empowering other female entrepreneurs to excel in life in business. It’s never too late to pivot. 

From a podcast critiquing the flaws of the dietetics industry, the Embodied CEO developed into a conversation about taking charge of life and business. If you can pivot on the direction of your podcast, you can pivot on anything you do.

We’re all human. We have to overcome many fears to take the leap to start a podcast. There could be some very real practical hurdles to deal with, too. But if you wait until the right time, you’ll never get started. 

In a world of short-form content where 30-second reels dominate our screens, a podcast is an opportunity for listeners to really get to know who you are. A podcast is the longest that people stay tuned in to one piece of content, even more so than a blog. Don’t miss your chance to truly connect with people! 

Don’t do it by yourself! If Kirsten could give one piece of advice to aspiring podcasters, it would be to engage a team in building your podcast. Don’t let your weaknesses keep you from taking the plunge! Allow people to operate in their zone of genius instead. 

Ever feel like you have to put something out just for the sake of it? Don’t! Every time you get behind the mic, there needs to be a purpose. What is it that you want to say? Don’t just do it because the calendar says so. Make sure your mind is in it.


“Whether you work for yourself or not, you are the CEO of [your] path; you are the CEO of your career.” — Kirsten Screen [0:07:49]

“They’re going to love me or hate me, I might as well do what I’m doing anyway.” — Kirsten Screen [0:13:17]

“A podcast is an opportunity for people to see who you are and what you do that otherwise may never find you.” — Kirsten Screen [0:21:43]

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